Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 6/14/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

1. The serving of dinners-banquets to non-school related groups on special occasions may be done with the agreement of the cafeteria manager and the approval of the

2. Workers involved in the preparation of those dinners are to be paid at time and a half. No cafeteria worker is to be forced to work because the employee is employed
    under the regular cafeteria program, nor should the lack of desire to work this type of dinner interfere with the employee's present employment.

3. The cost for all meals served to non-school related groups will be cost plus 20 percent. School related dinners should be served without a profit.

4. Not more than one banquet a week or more than two a month should be scheduled. Banquets for 200 or more should be served on weekends only (Friday or Saturday).
    Banquets should be scheduled so as not to conflict with school functions at night. Lastly, banquets are not to be booked from June 1 until the opening of school with
    the exception of school system related functions unless approved by special arrangements with the Superintendent of Schools.

5. A Use of Cafeteria Facilities for Banquet purposes form should be completed in triplicate by the organization requesting the banquet (see Form 866.62).

6. The intent of this procedure is to provide a service when private business is unable to do so and is in no way intended to compete with private business.

Use Of Cafeteria Facilities For Banquets/Menus For Dinners And Banquets

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Other Non-Instructional Operations 866.61 RB
Adopted 3/21/74
Revised 1/11/80, 8/13/81