Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 6/13/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure


A. Violent Incident - An incident occurring on Garrett County Public School System property that results in a serious assault on a student or staff member, or which
     requires the services of law enforcement, fire department, or rescue services.

     Immediate Incident - A violent incident that occurs quickly and concludes in a matter of minutes.

    Ongoing Incident - A violent incident that occurs for a significant period of time, requiring the services of emergency personnel to resolve.

B. Evacuation - The controlled and systematic removal of students and staff from the building and/or grounds after an assessment by the building's administration that
    student or staff safety is at significant risk. Examples of events which could require evacuation may include fire, bomb threats, weapons, natural disasters, or hostage

C. Lock-down - The controlled and systematic securing of students and staff within the building in safe areas. Examples of events which could require a lock-down may
    include kidnapping, threat of abduction, weapon, natural disaster, or hostage taking.

D. Command Post - The location in the building or on the grounds that will be used to coordinate communications, negotiations, evacuations, etc.

E. Crisis Management Team - A group of faculty and staff named to directly assist during a crisis.


Each staff member is responsible for the identification and reporting of crisis incidents. Upon the observation of an incident that might require evacuation or lock-down, the staff member shall immediately contact the facility administrator's office in any appropriate manner. The staff member will report relevant details as quickly as possible, to include the type of incident, the location of the incident, the extent of injuries, the need for additional resources, and the identity of the offender (if applicable and if known). The facility administrator, or his/her designee will make the decision to implement the facility's Crisis Management Plan.

Facility Crisis Management Plans should minimally include the following:

          -Superintendent's Office
          -Nurse or school first aid provider
          -School staff person(s) responsible for tracking students
          -School staff person(s) to contact parents of students involved giving a consistent message; such as, "There is an emergency at the school related
            to________________.  Your child has been taken to_______________________ hospital." 
          -School staff person(s) responsible for receiving parent who arrive at the school.

The superintendent/designee when informed that a crisis incident exists will:

          -Director of Transportation
          -Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities
          -Supervisor of Pupil Services
          -Food and Nutrition Service

          -Up to three to local hospitals, as appropriate:
             -one to work with students
             -one to work with parents
             -one to handle communications between the hospital and the school
          -One administrator to go to the school site

Following any crisis incident a Crisis Incident Report will be completed and submitted to the superintendent's office.

Crisis Incident Report

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