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The Public Schools requests the full cooperation of students and parents to assist with the implementation of the Student Transportation Program. Safety of students is of keen interest to all persons involved, but it is not within the jurisdiction of the Public Schools to enforce guidelines for the safety of students en route from their homes to bus stops or to enforce regulations which are more properly the individual responsibilities of parents and students while students gather and wait at bus stops.

The guidelines listed below in Part A (1) (2) (3) of this Section are advisory.

A. Students Awaiting Arrival of School Bus

    1. Should not stand or play on a roadway.

    2. Should not cross highway until bus arrives and has come to a complete stop. Before crossing, students should look in both directions for traffic and then pass at
        least ten (10) feet in front of the bus. All crossings should be made only after the driver of the bus signals them to do so. No student should direct traffic.

    3. Should remain in line at least five (5) feet from the stopped bus and should move toward the bus only after the door is opened.

    4. Shall be at the designated bus stop five (5) minutes before scheduled arrival of the bus and should board with the least possible delay.

B. Students on Boarding the School Bus

     1. Shall obey the bus driver at all times.

     2. Shall be seated immediately and shall remain seated at all times. If all seats are assigned, no student shall stand nearer the front of the bus than the front two

     3. Shall not extend arms or heads out of bus windows.

     4. Shall keep aisles clear of lunch boxes, musical instruments, books, etc.

     5. Shall not eat or drink on the bus.

     6. Shall conduct themselves in an acceptable manner at all times. No smoking, vulgarity, boisterous or other improper conduct will be permitted.

     7. Shall not deface or damage any part of the bus.

     8. Shall assist in keeping the bus clean.

     9. Shall obey the designated persons authorized to direct students during drill.

    10. Shall use an assigned seat when so directed by the bus driver.

C. Students Alighting from Bus

    1. Shall, if necessary to cross the highway, stop and look for traffic in both directions, pass at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus, and pass only when the bus driver
        has signaled them to do so.

    2. Shall not leave bus at any other place but at regular stop without the written consent of the principal and a written request from the student's parent or guardian.

    3. Shall not stand in the roadway to direct traffic or to assist other students to cross the road.

D. Purpose, Responsibilities and Procedures for Enforcement of Rules

    The purpose of these rules and regulations is primarily to provide a basic framework for safe transportation of students to and from school and for efficient operation of
    the Student Transportation Program. Responsibilities for enforcement of these rules are shared by the school bus contractor, the bus driver, the principal of the school,
    and the Transportation Office of the Garrett County Public Schools. Riding a school bus is a privilege.

    Failure to comply with regulations may result in a revocation of this privilege.

    1. The School Bus Contractor is expected to cooperate fully by impressing upon drivers employed by him/her the driver's responsibilities for supervision of students
        riding the bus, for maintaining effective cooperation and communications with the principal of the school, and for carrying out the instructions received from the
        Transportation Office.

    2. The School Bus Driver is expected to enforce regulations for student behavior while students board, ride, and alight from the bus. If the driver is unable to enforce a
        rule he/she should request assistance from the principal.

    3. The Principal should provide appropriate assistance and guidance to the school bus driver and the student when the student's behavior is not acceptable. When a
        student is not permitted to ride a school bus, the principal must notify the parent or guardian in writing of the student's infraction of the applicable rule. The principal
        should solicit full cooperation from the parent or guardian with the understanding that riding a school bus is a privilege which can be revoked for the remainder of the
        school year. It is the responsibility of the principal to refer to the Director of Transportation questions concerning bus stops and routings, as well as serious
        disciplinary problems needing his/her assistance.

    4. The Transportation Office shall review annually with bus drivers these rules and the bus driver's responsibilities for enforcement in cooperation with the principal of the

    5. The student, or parent or guardian, must reimburse the owner of the school bus for the cost of repairing damage to the bus willfully caused by the student. The
        student's riding privilege may be revoked if reimbursement is not made. Before the privilege is revoked, the parent or guardian shall be notified in writing that the
        may be revoked for nonpayment.

    6. Levels of Disciplinary Action

Level I

    Driver corrects student.

Level II

    If the student's actions deem it necessary, a discipline form is given to the school administrator to make the decision as to the course of disciplinary action. At this
    time the student will be given this form to take home to the parents.

    At Level II the student may be suspended by the school bus driver from riding the school bus until the discipline form is returned. When a student is suspended via the
    discipline form he/she shall be discharged from the school bus at the regular designated stop. The driver is liable if the student is discharged at any other location.

Level III

    If the student's misconduct persists and the behavior is such that the driver deems it necessary, he/she may request a meeting with the principal, student, and parents.
    The principal shall make the decision as to the course of disciplinary action. The principal may suspend a student from riding the school bus for a period of time. The
    student or parent/guardian is responsible for furnishing transportation to school on the days he/she is suspended.

Level IV

    Conference between parents or guardians and the Director of Transportation. The Director has the authority for the final decision on handling the situation.

Level V

    Appeal to the Public Schools.

    The Public Schools of Garrett County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, or handicapping condition in matters
    affecting employment or in providing access to programs.


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