Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/31/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550


Administrative Procedure

The following criteria will be used to determine an individual's ability and qualifications to serve as a school bus driver.

Current regulatory requirements such as COMAR 13A.06.07.02 (2) iii will be used as a foundation.

An evaluation of the driver record will be formulated based upon the record length, total points, and type of previous violations (e.g. speeding -- degree, multiple charges, etc.).

An analysis of the driver record will be used to gauge the probability of risk by reviewing the total driver record and projecting the potential degree of difficulty of defending a driver if he/she is involved in a serious, or fatal, accident.

The criminal record of each applicant will be secured. The following list of charges/convictions will result in rendering an applicant ineligible to serve as a school bus driver/assistant.

     1. Arson
     2. Assault with intent to have carnal knowledge of female child under age of 14 years
     3. Assault with intent to rob or murder
     4. Assault with intent to commit a rape
     5. Bigamy
     6. Bribing juries or packing juries
     7. Burglary
     8. Burning willfully any public buildings, church, academy, schoolhouse, etc.
     9. Carnal knowledge of a female child under fourteen years of age
    10. Counterfeiting (Conviction in any jurisdiction)
    11. Embezzlement
    12. Forgery
    13. Incest
    14. Larceny (Depends on amount and age at time of conviction and age at time of application to be a bus driver)
    15. Manslaughter
    16. Mayhem
    17. Murder
    18. Perjury
    19. Subornation of perjury
    20. Rape
    21. Robbery
    22. Sodomy
    23. Possession of C.D.S.
    24. Intent to distribute C.D.S.
    25. Conviction for alcoholism while operating a motor vehicle
    26. Conviction of alcoholism on driver's license

Three reference letters will be secured and evaluated. Reference letters will be maintained in strictest confidence.

A Reed Psychological Test may be used to assist in determining an applicants honesty, dependability, and substance abuse problems.

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