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Last Updated: 3/20/2007
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Board Policy

No person shall be employed by the Public Schools or by a school bus contractor to operate a school bus unless that person has been approved and trained by the Director of Transportation. (Maryland State Motor Vehicle Administration - Section 11.02.06).

I. Qualifications 

A school bus driver must have a minimum of five years' driving experience, be of good moral character, and shall not be addicted to the use of intoxicating beverages or narcotic drugs. The driver must pass an annual bus operator's physical examination that is administered by a licensed physician with an office in Garrett County, possess a valid State vehicles operator's license of Class A, or B with air brakes and passenger endorsements. He must be stable both mentally and emotionally so as to insure normal driving competency and efficiency. Other qualifications as prescribed from time to time by the Public Schools shall also be in effect.

Current requirements for a contractor/driver are:

  A. Application

        1. File application
        2. Approval of board of education to train

B. Pre-Service

        1. Meet all licensing requirements of the Motor Vehicle Administration
        2. Complete the State Department of Education required pre-service instruction
        3. Successfully pass (negative result) a pre-employment drug test (Policy 853.322)
        4. Satisfactorily complete the requirements of an annual physical examination
        5. Provide three letters of recommendation
        6. Have updated driver license record on file
        7. Have updated criminal record on file
        8. Successfully complete a thirty (30) day probationary period and evaluation
        9. Tuberculin Screening (as outlined in Administrative Procedure 532.131)

C. Certification of Driver

        1. Meet all pre-service and certification requirements
        2. Attend annual in-service (minimum 6 hours)
        3. Receive final approval of Public Schools

II. Selection and Process

The following characteristics are desirable and essential for candidates seeking to become bus drivers.

    A. Initiative
    B. Honesty and integrity
    C. Reliability and dependability
    D. High moral standards
    E. Free of mental or nervous disorders
    F. Indicates ability to complete requirements listed in the job description
    G. Indicated a mature, positive attitude with the ability to control temperament
    H. Neat personal appearance (at all times)
    I. Cooperative and polite
    J. Ability to cope with the behavior of students

 III. Bus Contractors and Workmen's Compensation

It shall be compulsory for all bus contractors to carry Workmen's Compensation whether the contractor plans to use a substitute driver or not.

A certificate of insurability as proof of compliance should be on file with the Director of Transportation.

IV. Continuing As Driver

    A. Changes in State guidelines and/or local Board policy related to the qualifications of drivers
    B. The ability of the driver to satisfactorily perform the job responsibilities required of him
    C. The Public Schools reserves the right with concerns related to health of drivers, to require more than an annual physical examination
    D. When a school bus driver has been deleted from the active driver roster for failure to complete inservice requirements, physical, etc., the following criteria will apply:
        1. The driver must submit a new school bus driver application.
        2. When the application is submitted prior to a nine (9) month break in service a fifty dollar ($50) training fee will be assessed.
    E. When a driver has a positive drug test result he/she will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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