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Last Updated: 03/22/2013
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Board Policy

The Garrett County Board of Education is responsible for providing school bus transportation services for the Garrett County Public School System.  To that end, the Board authorizes and awards school bus route contracts and establishes vehicle specifications for school buses serving these contracts.  This policy with respect to awarding school bus contracts is as follows:

1.    A school bus contractor may terminate his/her contract or part of his/her contract; i.e., one or more bus routes, upon thirty (30) daysí notice in writing to the Superintendent.  The resignations shall be considered final when the contractor receives written notification of the terminations by the Superintendent or designee.

2.    A school bus contractor cannot assign this agreement or any part thereof, or an obligation or liability under the contract.  When the contractor is an entity other than a natural person, the assignment or transfer (Intervivos, Testamentary, Intestate, Voluntary or Involuntary) of a substantial equity interest in the contractor will constitute a termination of the contract. A substantial equity interest shall mean 10% or more of the ownership interest in the Contractor, whether the transfer is made at one time or cumulatively over a period of time.  After termination of contract, voluntarily or involuntarily by either party, the Board of Education may award a new contract at its discretion pursuant to its rules and regulations.

3.    Termination or non-renewal of the school bus contract by the Board of Education shall be effective thirty (30) days after the contractor receives written notification of termination or non-renewal by the Superintendent.

4.    If the resigning contractor reverses his/her decision to resign, such contractor must apply for the vacancy as any other person and will be considered as any other applicant.

5.     Upon completion of the Boardís selection process, the Board will announce the identity of the selected contractor.

6.    The contractor shall be responsible for providing an approved vehicle to service the route or routes.

7.    In the event a new contractor desires to purchase the bus of a current contractor, and if requested in writing to do so by both the current contractor and the new contractor, the Director of Transportation will assist in establishing the purchase price in such case.  In such case a meeting will be scheduled between the Director of Transportation, the current contractor, and the new contractor.  The price will be established by a standard formula as follows.

            Original Purchase Price (excluding tax and titling), divided by a 12-year cycle, times the number of years remaining equals cash value.

            The condition of the vehicle, its maintenance service record and conditions may affect the final cash value.

8.    Unless both parties agree in writing to be bound by the determination of the Director of Transportation as to the cash value of the bus, all negotiations between the current contractor and any other source of the bus he/she shall use on the route shall take place between the parties with no further involvement by the Director of Transportation or other representative of the Board.

9.    Prior to the commencement of service, the contractor must have the school bus inspected and approved by the Director of Transportation according to schedules established by the Director of Transportation.

10.    The reimbursement to be received by a new contractor shall be based upon the contract to be entered into between the new contractor and the Board of Education in conformity with the standard practices and procedures of the Board.

11.    The Board may award multiple contracts to a current contractor with a good record of service and reliability.

12.    The Board has the discretion to determine the number of contracts to be awarded to a new contractor.

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