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Last Updated: 2/28/2013
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Administrative Procedure

A.  In the transfer of a school bus contract, the Public Schools will give primary consideration to an immediate family member named through the application process (See: Application for Family Transfer).  The family member must complete the screening process outlined under Section B.  An Immediate family member is defined as a spouse, child and/or grandchild. 

  1. A bus contractor may complete an application for no more than two (2) family members. 

  2. If a bus contractor has not completed an application for a family member, then upon his or her death or resignation, the bus contract shall be advertised publically.

B.      The following procedure is applicable when awarding a bus contract:

  1. All contractors/driver will be notified of the availability of a contract via THE STEERING WHEEL (Transportation Department Newsletter);

  2. Interested individuals will notify the transportation office in writing within a specified time period; 

  3. The Director of Transportation will organize and chair an interview/review committee comprised of the following individuals:

  1. Director of Transportation,

  2. Director of Human Resources or a designee Central Office Administrator,

  3. Principal representing a school served by the advertised contract,

  4. One (1) school bus contractor/driver representative to be recommended by the School Bus Contractors Association Executive Committee on an annual fiscal year basis (this representative would either be from the northern or southern area dependent upon the location of the contract),

  5. Garrett County Traffic and Transportation Advisory Committee member, and

  6. Bus driver trainer for the Garrett County Public School System

4.    The Committee will review candidates and make a recommendation.

5.    In the event the committee cannot agree on a recommendation based on the review of the information, the final decision rests with the Director of Transportation who will make a recommendation to the superintendent.

6.    The Superintendent will recommend the candidate to the Public Schools for final approval. 

C.  The following criteria are applicable when a multiple contract is to be awarded. 

1.   The contractor shall provide a minimum of one qualified driver per contracted bus.

2.   The contractor is responsible for providing a qualified substitute driver(s) should the need arise.

3.    The contractor must have established reliability by having complied promptly with all contractual obligations (including financial) for a period consisting of a minimum of three (3) calendar years.

4.    A fleet consisting of six (6) buses must have at least one bus of said fleet available for use as a spare.

5.    The maximum number of route buses for any one contractor shall be limited to five (5) (not applicable to current contractors who own more than five (5) buses).

            6.    When vehicle fleet consists of seven (7) or more route buses, the contractor must provide maintenance facilities and personnel to assure the safe and

                   efficient operation of the vehicles.

            7.    When awarding a contract on an established route, the new contractor will be reimbursed for a daily maximum of three (3) paved, non-grade highway miles

                   travel from his/her residence to the starting point of the route.

8.    The driver's wages (time) will be calculated to include the actual time necessary to serve the established route.


D.  In case of emergency, death, breach of contract, or resignation of the contractor during the school year, the Superintendent or designee

     shall have full discretion to provide for temporary services.



Application for Family Transfer Primary Applicant



Application for Family Transfer Secondary Applicant


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