Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/27/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

1. Principal initiates work order by completing school, date, type of work, and writing what he/she wants done in "Work Desired" space.

2. Principal/Vice-Principal are the only persons in the building who can use this form to request maintenance. In addition, Supervisors, Directors, Assistant
    Superintendents and the Superintendent may initiate work orders. (Includes Assistants in Construction and Facilities, Food Service, and Operation and Maintenance)
    The Principal must be notified if the work order involves his/her school.

3. Form is then sent to the Public Schools Office to the Supervisor of Maintenance.

4. Supervisor of Maintenance then decides whether work can or should be done. If it cannot be done, the form is returned to the principal with an explanation. Work
    requests may be denied if it is a job that can be performed by the custodian, an outside contractor is needed, etc.

5. If it is decided that the principal's request should be processed, the Supervisor of Maintenance sign's the request and routes it as follows:

    A. Top white copy is sent back to principal's office where it is filed as notice that the job is going to be worked on.
    B. The yellow copy is filed by the Supervisor of Maintenance as a record of jobs scheduled and/or underway.
    C. The remaining pink and goldenrod copies are stapled together and given to the maintenance mechanic who will do the work.
    D. After the job is done, the maintenance mechanic has the principal/vice-principal or the head custodian of the school sign the forms, indicating that the work has
        been completed.
    E. The maintenance mechanic then puts down the date, the materials he had to use, their total cost, and the time taken. He signs the pink and goldenrod copies and
        returns them to the Supervisor of Maintenance.
    F. The Supervisor of Maintenance send the goldenrod copy to the principal as "official" notice that the job has been completed. The principal files this copy and
        discards the original white copy - showing that the job has been assigned.
    G. The Supervisor of Maintenance then files the pink copy and throws away the yellow copy. His collection of pink copies is a complete record of all work.

In case of emergencies when school is in session, the Supervisor of Maintenance or Public Schools Office should be notified immediately by the principal/vice-principal by telephone. The principal should follow up later with a formal work request for the emergency.

In case of emergencies when school is not in session, the principal/vice-principal will be contacted first. If the principal/vice-principal cannot be contacted, the Supervisor of Maintenance or Public Schools Office must be contacted. The principal must be notified of the work order.

In case of emergencies at buildings other than schools, the Supervisor of Maintenance and/or the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services must be contacted.

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