Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/25/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure


 1. Thermostats are to be maintained no higher than 68 in elementary schools and 65 in middle and high schools. In those buildings or portions of buildings without
     thermostats, temperatures are to be maintained no higher than 68 in elementary spaces and 65 in middle and high school spaces.

 2. Thermostats are to be reduced to 55 (or their lowest set point) beginning at 2:30 p.m. in all buildings if the outside temperature is expected to be lower than 50. If the
     outside temperature is expected to be higher than 50, the heating-ventilating-air conditioning system is to be turned off if the building is unoccupied for eight hours or
     more. In the case of PTA meetings, adult education classes, musical and/or drama programs, and other group gatherings, room temperatures are to be maintained no
     higher than 65.

 3. Gymnasiums in all schools are to be heated to a temperature no higher than 65. The night set-back of 55 will continue to hold for post-school day, weekend, and
     holiday use, except a set-back of 60 maybe used for approved activities.

 4. Heating equipment is to be inspected on a bi-weekly basis and, if necessary, cleaned promptly.

 5. All blinds/shades are to be closed each evening.

 6. Windows are not to be opened, except for emergencies, during the operation of the heating system. If a room overheats, open the classroom door to the hallway for

 7. Evening meetings should be scheduled in an area of the building that can be zoned for heating purposes.

 8. Furnishings and/or objects must not obstruct the flow of air to and from the heating units.

 9. Thermostats should be set only by the principal and/or head custodian or designee of the principal.

10. The use of auxiliary heating devices is prohibited except when the room temperature is below 65 (middle and high schools) or 68 (elementary schools) or to provide
      spot heating when the building is unoccupied.

11. The domestic hot water circulating pumps must be turned off when the building is unoccupied for more than eight hours unless damage might be caused by the shut-

12. Domestic hot water tanks should be turned off for the summer season. In some instances, one hot water tank may be operated to obtain water for cleaning purposes.


1. When a cooling system is operating, the thermostat shall be maintained no lower than 78.

2. The use of ventilating fans or ventilating systems is authorized when such use will lower the temperature below 78.

3. Use exhaust fans only when necessary.

4. Refrigeration freezing units not being used for cooling during the summer months should be secured.


1. Turn all lights off in unoccupied areas.

2. Custodians are to use only those lights necessary to properly clean the facility.

3. If at all possible, only use the inside bank of lights during the day.

4. Parking lot lights and driveway lights are only to be used when the building is being utilized at night.

5. Use cold water cleaning whenever possible.


1. Initiate an Energy Awareness Program in your school.

2. Students and staff should plan to dress warmly during the winter months.

3. Each principal is responsible for the implementation of these guidelines.

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