Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/25/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
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(Supporting Service Personnel)

Administrative Procedure

If Workers' Compensation is awarded, the affected employee will be placed in a non-pay status not to exceed one (1) year. There will be no charge against personal, sick or annual leave for such injuries, other than for the calendar days of the mandatory waiting period which may coincide with duty days. While in a non-pay status for Workers' Compensation the affected, employee will not continue to earn personal, sick and/or annual leave.

Employees in a non-pay status for Workers' Compensation may continue as a member of the group health insurance for a one-year period provided that after the first twelve (12) weeks of absence the employee assumes the Board's share of the premium in addition to any premium he/she theretofore paid for dependent coverage.


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Business Affairs 728.323 HML
Adopted 7/14/83
Revised 10/12/93