Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/24/2005
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Administrative Procedure

A. Should an employee be injured or taken ill as a result of his/her work, the following action should be taken by the principal or supervisor in charge:

    1. The employee should be referred to medical treatment promptly, providing transportation, if necessary.
    2. Details of the accident should be documented including when, where, what happened and names of witnesses.
    3. Call the Personnel Office to report details of the accident.
4. The Personnel Office will record information and notify Intracorp of the incident so that the employee's care can be medically managed to ensure Total Quality Care.
    5. The Employer's First Report of Injury form should be completed within twenty-four (241) hours or as soon as possible if the injury is severe enough to prevent the

        employee from being able to give details of the accident (See Attachment I).
    6. The employee should write a narrative describing the accident in as much detail as possible. This should also be completed within 24 hours or as soon as possible

        (See Attachment II for suggested format).
    7. Forward completed form (Attachment I) and narrative (Attachment II) to the Personnel Office. Prior to forwarding the copies of the form to the Injured Workers'

        Insurance Fund, an investigation will occur during which details of the accident will be checked and the situation evaluated to see if there is a need to correct work
        practices or remove safety hazards.
8. Should the employee be away from his/her job for an extended period of time, the principal should complete the time sheet as follows:
        a. For an absence up through three days, this should be charged to the employee's sick leave.
        b. Absence after the first three days should be paid under Workers' Compensation.  This will be at a reduced rate, however.  At the present time the rate is 2/3 of
            the employee's average weekly wages for the 13 weeks prior to the accident or job related illness.  A notation to the effect that the employee is absent due to
            accident/job related illness should be made on his/her time sheet.
    9. When an employee is injured on the job and requires medical attention he/she should tell the person taking the information at the doctor's office or hospital that
        he/she is covered by the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund. Bills may be sent by the doctor or hospital directly to the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund. Any
        bills/receipts for medicine may be sent directly to the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund or to the Personnel secretary, who will forward them to the Injured Workers'
        Insurance Fund. Sometimes it takes a while before claims are settled. If problems are encountered, please contact the Personnel office.
  10. With the employee's doctor's authorization the employee will be required to return to work - perhaps to a, light-duty assignment - as soon as possible following the
        accident. The return to work will be processed by the Personnel Department.

  11. The Workers' Compensation Monitoring Committee will follow up the report to determine the need for corrective action if appropriate.

B. Worker's Compensation Monitoring Committee

In order to monitor the claims filed with the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund to determine if it is possible to correct work practices or remove hazards which may have contributed to an accident a monitoring committee will be established. This committee will be composed of: the Assistant in Food Services, the Supervisor of Maintenance and Operations, the Supervisor of Career and Technology Education with the Director of Personnel serving as chairperson.

The Committee will meet once per month to review cases filed within that month and to follow-up previous cases to discuss payments made by the Fund. The committee will also determine if safe work practices need reinforced by staff development, posters, etc., and/or if the work environment needs to be evaluated for hazards. The group will monitor follow-up activities when needed.

Employee's Report Of Injury (To be completed by the employee)

Accident Witness Statement (To be completed by accident witness)

Supervisor's Accident Investigation (To be completed by the employee's supervisor or other responsible administrative official)

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