Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/24/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550


Board Policy

The Garrett County Public Schools establishes the following policy to insure the educational program of students is protected and to establish a general working relationship between the school, school-related groups, and the general public.

1. The instructional time of students will not be used by the school or school-related groups for planning and/or implementing fund raising activities. The Board recognizes
    that there are some classes where limited activity of this type is an integrated part of the class experience.

2. Individual students should not be discriminated against as a result of their not wanting to participate in fund raising activities.

3. Due to the liability that is placed on the school system as a result of door-to-door solicitation by students, the Board will not permit the solicitation by students in the
    name of the school in pre-kindergarten through grade eight.

4. Fund raising activities which involve individual incentives to students are not to be permitted in grades pre-kindergarten through grade eight.

5. Wherever possible, fund raising activities should be used as an educational vehicle. For example, book fairs, the sale of certain items like bulbs or seeds which can be
    used as learning tools, the concepts of profit/loss, proper accounting procedures, etc., could serve to enhance learning as well as raise funds.

6. While the Board recognizes that tax dollars have not and probably will not in the foreseeable future cover all worthy school-related activity costs, the Board encourages
    school-related groups such as the PTA, Band Boosters, athletic organizations, etc., to cooperate with the schools in (a) keeping fund raising at a reasonable level, (b)
    supporting non-discrimination practices with non-participants in fund raising activities, (c) not requesting instructional class time for planning and implementing fund
    raising activities, (d) recognizing the liability concerns which they may encounter in using students for solicitation purposes.

Additional procedures may be developed by the superintendent to help insure individual school compliance with this policy.


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