Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/23/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Board Policy

The following guidelines will be used in administering the bidding of food and food supplies used in conjunction with the county food service program. It should be understood that these guidelines are established as an attempt to achieve maximum cost efficiencies to the food service program while at the same time assure fairness to all potential vendors.

1. All bids for such supplies must be advertised in accordance with the applicable section of Maryland Public School Law. (Source: COMAR 5-112)

2. Some food items, however, such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and fresh meats may be solicited for bid and awarded on the basis of weekly quotation rather than
    publicly advertised. In this case a minimum of at least two different quotations should be sought to assure competition. It will be incumbent upon the Food and Nutrition
    Service Program Manager to solicit as many quotations as possible.

3. Other food items such as breads, canned goods, dairy products, dry goods, and frozen foods should be bid on a regular schedule. This schedule is to be developed
    by the Food and Nutrition Service Program Manager as a result of both school system needs and market conditions.

4. The award of all bids will be made by the Food and Nutrition Service Program Manager. Award will be made to the lowest responsible bidder conforming to
    specifications with consideration being given to quantities involved, time required for delivery, competency and responsibility of bidder, and his ability to render
    satisfactory service, but the Program Manager, in the name of the Public Schools, shall have the right to reject any and/or all bids.

5. Vendors who disagree with the bids awarded by the Food and Nutrition Service Program Manager may request a review by the Director of Finance/Human Resources.

6. The Food and Nutrition Service Program Manager will keep the Public Schools informed as to the award of all food items bid on a regular schedule. The Program
    Manager will accomplish this by summarizing the bid award and including this summary as an information item in the Public Schools agenda in the month following
    the award. Periodically, the Public Schools may ask for a report on those items which are being awarded on a quotation basis.

7. The Food and Nutrition Service Program Manager is to establish a food quality control committee. The purpose of this committee is to assist the Program Manager in
    assuring that the quality of all food items purchased meets specifications. This committee will serve both as a quick response group should it be necessary to verify the
    quality of a specific brand bid and as a standing committee which may make recommendations as to food specifications. The committee is to be composed of three
    full-time cafeteria personnel representing the elementary, middle, and senior high schools. Membership on the committee will be of a one-year duration.

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