Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/19/2005
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Board Policy

Once an employee exhausts all accumulated annual leave (if applicable) and personal leave, he/she may be considered for an extended personal leave without pay to be approved by the Public Schools. Such request for an extended personal leave must be in writing, stating the reason(s) and length for such leave, including the beginning and ending dates. only one such leave request (other than those brought about by emergency conditions) may be made each duty year - the maximum length of such leave being three duty days. All requests must have the approval of the employee's immediate supervisor when submitted and must be approved by the Public Schools prior to the employee taking the extended leave. If the employee is not able to return to active service within the limits prescribed, the Superintendent of Schools or designee may assign the employee on leave to a position for which he/she qualifies.

Under emergency conditions brought about by the health of a child, parent (natural, foster, or in-law), brother, sister, husband, wife, or anyone who has lived regularly in the employee's household, the Superintendent of Schools may authorize family illness leave without pay, in accordance with the terms of the FMLA of 1993, without Public Schools approval. Such illness must be certified by the health care provider of the family member. The leave requested may be for a period of up to one year. If the return is within 90 duty days, the employee shall be guaranteed return to the same position; otherwise, return shall be to the first available position within his/her classification for which he/she is qualified.

An employee in such a non-pay status for family illness may continue as a member of the group health insurance, provided that after the first 12 weeks he/she assumes the Board's share of the premium in addition to any premium he/she theretofore paid. If this leave is used in addition to other qualifying FMLA leaves during a work year, only a total of 12 weeks of benefits will be paid by the Public Schools.

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Adopted 3/10/83
Revised 4/14/83, 9/12/85, 7/14/88, 10/11/90, 9/20/94