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Board Policy

Employees may accumulate up to 40 days of annual leave.  An additional amount of leave would also become available with the new year which would increase the total number of days available in one specific year.  The use of these days must be approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor.  The use of such leave may be denied, if, in the opinion of the supervisor, the use of that time would not be in the best interest of the school system.  If the request is for a consecutive period of time greater than ten work days, the leave request must also be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

While employees are encouraged to use leave on an annual basis, up to 40 days may be carried forward as of the end of August.  As one approaches retirement annual leave should be used so that its use results in the least disruption to the school system.  At the time of retirement the employee may be reimbursed for up to 30 days of unused annual leave at the employee’s per diem rate.  No more than 30 days may be used for this purpose except in cases of serious illness as verified by a physician.  Should an employee accumulate annual leave in excess of 40 days by August 31, up to five days of such leave may be converted to sick leave rather than becoming lost.

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Adopted 8/13/96
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