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Last Updated: 5/17/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

Participation at national conferences and meetings by staff provides an opportunity for the enlarging of perspective. Through a combination of formal meetings and informal dialogue staff gain insight into local concerns which would not be possible without a wider view. As a result, the work of the Public Schools will improve and the youngsters of Garrett County will benefit. The administrative guidelines to be used in allowing attendance are as follows:

  1. Staff members will be allowed to travel, to a limit of $750 in reimbursable expenses (transportation, lodging, food, tolls, etc.), to national conferences and meetings. Reimbursable expenses are to be submitted to the immediate supervisor for approval upon the completion of travel on an incidental expense form.
  2. The superintendent and/or respective assistant superintendents will be responsible for scheduling the following number of staff from the various staff groupings to attend national conferences and meetings on an annual basis:
    Number of Staff   Staff Groupings
    4 Elementary principals
    3 Secondary principals, assistant principals, and coordinator of Camp Hickory
    1 Non-certificated supervisory staff
    2 Supervisors and coordinator of career employability program
    1 Directors
  3. Travel expenses which can be funded through categorical funds will be used in lieu of Public Schools general funds when such travel is in accordance with the above schedule.
  4. The provisions of Board Policy 730.0 (Staff Travel) are to be adhered to in conjunction with this procedure.

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Certificated & Other Professional Personnel 563.51 JJR
Adopted 10/9/80
Revised 10/29/81, 8/12/82, 9/8/83, 7/14/88, 8/10/89