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Board Policy

The Board shall retain the right to require validation of an employee’s illness which results in absence from work.

The use of sick leave is to be reported by the certificated employee to his/her immediate supervisor. This should be done prior to or on the day of absence. In the event that the employee is absent for more than three (3) consecutive work days, a physician's excuse will be required. This excuse must be submitted upon return to work.

Once a certificated employee exhausts all accumulated sick leave, the employee may borrow up to ten (10) days of sick leave or request an extended illness leave in accordance with the appropriate negotiated agreement. The conditions of an extended leave with a salary deduction of 1/300th are established in the appropriate negotiated agreement.

Extended leave without pay may be granted, with the approval of the Superintendent, for up to one year. In accordance with the' Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 insurance benefits will be continued by the Board for up to twelve weeks for those employees who have been employed by the Garrett County Board of Education for at least one year. In the event the employee has exhausted sick leave and leave with 1/300th reduction prior to reaching the twelve week limit, benefits may continue until a total of twelve weeks of benefits have been provided during the period of qualifying leave(s) within one year. Employees who desire to continue benefit coverage during the time of extended leave without pay must pay premium costs in full. Payments must be received by the fifth of the month prior to the month for which coverage is desired.

Once this extended leave without pay is exhausted and the employee is unable to return to active service, the Board will consider the position a vacancy. The Board reserves the right to require a health examination, by a Board designated doctor, of employees on/or returning from leave.

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Certificated & Other Professional Personnel 563.121 HML
Adopted 9/11/75

Revised 8/13/81, 7/14/88, 5/10/94, 8/9/94, 2/12/13 KDH