Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 5/17/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

The selection of personnel to fill administrative positions in the Garrett County Public Schools is a particularly important task because of the nature of these leadership roles. As a result, it is incumbent upon the school system to establish a process which attempts to assure that highly qualified individuals are selected for these positions. The following steps are to be included:

1. Announcements of administrative vacancies are to be made available consistent with all negotiated agreements. In addition, the Superintendent of Schools may choose
    to announce the availability of administrative vacancies via other means both inside and/or outside Garrett County. The announcement of the vacancy should be
    developed as specifically as possible.
2. The selection procedure will include:

A.  Pre-Screening
     1. Prospective administrative candidates within the county should note on their annual intent forms their interest in specific administrative positions.
     2. Prospective administrative candidates will be considered only if they have the administrative certification required.
     3. A Maryland State Department of Education Assessment Center experience or other similar type administrative assessment is recommended, but not required.

B.  Screening
     1. The attached application form (Attachment I) is to be completed by all administrative candidates prior to the deadline for filing applications.
     2. Applicants outside the Garrett County School System are to submit three professional references (Attachment II will be requested of references).
     3. The following individuals will screen properly filed applications:


Screening Committee

Assistant Superintendents;
Directors; and Central Office
Administrative Supervisors

The Superintendent of Schools, The appropriate Assistant Superintendent, and Director as appropriate
Principals The Superintendent of Schools,
The Assistant Superintendents,
and Director as appropriate
Assistant Principals The Superintendent of Schools,
The Assistant Superintendents,
The appropriate Principal, and
Director of Secondary Schools
Instructional Supervisors
and Other Instructional
The Superintendent of Schools,
The Assistant Superintendent
for Instructional Services, and
The appropriate Director

C.  Selection
     1. The individuals above involved in the screening of applications interview selected administrative applicants.
     2. The administrative interview sheet (Attachment II) is to be used in assessing candidates' qualifications for the position. There will also be a written exercise involved

         during the interview period which will be related to the factors noted on the administrative interview sheet.
     3. The individuals involved in the interview (except the Superintendent of Schools) nominate a maximum of three individual in priority order to the Superintendent.
     4. The Superintendent recommends his/her selection to the Public Schools.

3. Once an individual is approved by the Board of Education the Superintendent of Schools is to designate a mentor for the school-based administrator. One-half day per
    month during the first year of experience is to be allotted to each new school-based administrator and mentor; in the second year of experience one-half day every
    other month is to be allotted for this purpose.

Administrative Application Form

Administrative Reference Form

Administrative Interview Sheet

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