Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 11/10/2010
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550


Administrative Procedure

  1. Effective November 9, 2010, all new applicants for substitute teaching positions should have a four-year college degree preferably in education or an Associate of Arts degree or 48 hours of study at an approved institution of higher education or a passing score of 455 on the Para - Pro Assessment. 
  1. Applicants who have successfully substituted for the Garrett County Public School System prior to November 9, 2010 and have no degree will be permitted to continue on the substitute teacher list.
  1. "Successfully substituted" is determined by the principals who have used these substitutes in the past and by the principals who continue usage of them in the future. A non-degreed substitute not used as a substitute teacher for a period of one school year may lose this status.
  1. The Office of Human Resources of the Garrett County Public Schools will develop and update periodically a listing of applicants who desire to be substitute teachers with their names, telephone numbers, area of specialty, degree status and the name of the schools where the individuals are willing to substitute.
  1. New substitutes shall pay for and complete within ten (10) days of the orientation:
     a.  Fingerprinting for Criminal Background Check
     b.  Tuberculin Risk Assessment
     c.  Pre-employment Drug Testing.
  1. New substitutes will be expected to attend an orientation session to be scheduled by the Director of Human Resources.  Retired teachers from Garrett County Schools will be excluded from this training requirement.  The substitute will receive no reimbursement for attending this orientation session.
  1. Each new substitute will receive a copy of appropriate Public Schools Policies and Procedures at the time they complete the orientation process.  Substitutes currently serving the school system or new retiree substitutes will be issued appropriate changes to policies and procedures as necessary.
  1. The principal of each school or his/her designee is to utilize only substitutes for teachers who are on the list of available substitutes.
  1. The substitute teacher will work the teachers' duty-day and assume all the responsibilities of the teacher for whom he/she is substituting.
  1. In cases where it is known a long-term substitute is needed (i.e., pregnancy, accident, severe illness, hospitalization, etc.) a written request is to be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources who will develop a list of qualified persons and work with the appropriate Director and the Principal of the school who needs the substitute to select the appropriate person.  The request should be made as soon as the need is known in order to allot time for the selection process to be effective.
  1. In circumstances where a long-term substitute teacher is employed for 91 or more days,  a minimum of one written Professional Development Record Form (533.622a or b) will be completed by the Principal or his designee and submitted to the Human Resources Office.
  1. The substitute teacher will be paid a daily rate based on the number of continuous days employed for a given teacher. The rate of pay schedule will be shared during the substitute orientation.  The rate of pay schedule will be posted on the Board Of Education Website/ Human Resources/Substitute Teaching.  


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Adopted 9/8/83
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