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Last Updated: 6/18/1999
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Administrative Procedure

In order to complete supervisory responsibilities in a consistent fashion and in accordance with appropriate state law, contractual provisions, and other policies and procedures, it is necessary to clearly establish a timetable for the completion of evaluations of non-supervisory personnel. The intent of this procedure, therefore, is to ensure that non-supervisory personnel are evaluated fairly as well as regularly.

In that both school-based and non-school based supervisory personnel have evaluation responsibilities it is incumbent upon each supervisor having evaluation responsibilities to notify the appropriate assistant superintendent by January 31 if a staff member is being considered for any of the below which is considered less than satisfactory performance:

  1. Non-tenure
  2. Reduction in class of certificate
  3. Probation
  4. Dismissal

Attachment A is to be used for this purpose. Any school-based assistants (except custodial assistants) and secretaries so considered should be reported to the Assistant Superintendent in Curriculum and Instruction. Any custodial and food service personnel so considered should be reported to the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services. In the case of non-school based staff the table of organization will control which personnel should be reported to the appropriate assistant superintendent. Should such action be taken it is necessary that:

  1. Notification be sent to the staff member involved (Attachment B or a reasonable facsimile should be used), and
  2. Thorough monitoring of the staff member's performance be completed during the months of February and March.

School-based principals should work with the appropriate supervisor/director on any staff member being considered for less than satisfactory performance. Upon the completion of the February-March period it will be necessary that the appropriate supervisor(s) forward to the assistant superintendent by April 1 a final recommendation concerning any staff member being considered less than satisfactory (Attachment C is to be used). For those certificated non-supervisory staff employed after January 1 notification to the assistant superintendent and the staff member involved is to be made by March 31, with a final recommendation to be sent to the assistant superintendent by June 1. After further administrative review appropriate recommendations will be made by the superintendent to the Public Schools, with any final action being taken by the Public Schools, if necessary.

Staff Being Considered For Appropriate Personnel Action Form A

Evaluator Consideration Form, Form B

Final Recommendation Concerning Personnel Form C

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