Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 11/11/2010
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure



  1. To be considered for employment in the Garrett County Public School System, the applicant must be eligible for a professional certificate in the State of Maryland. If the applicant is issued a Professional Eligibility Certificate he/she must complete a minimum of six credits leading to a Maryland Standard Professional or a Maryland Advanced Professional Certificate. An employee with a Professional Eligibility and / or Standard Professional Certification will be paid on the Standard Professional Teacher Salary Scale.

  2. Some factors to be considered when selecting professional employees:
    a. scholarship
    b. planning and organizational abilities
    c. personality
    d. teaching effectiveness based on student teaching and performance recommendations (including performance as a substitute teacher)
    e. criminal background check and drug testing report
    f. ETS Praxis Tests
    g. certification.

  3. No discrimination or distinction in employment will be made in reference to race, religion, color, national origin, sex or disability.

        All applications will be kept on file in the Human Resources Office for two years unless updated.


Interview Process:

  1. The principal of the school is responsible for any internal transfers of teachers within his or her school provided that the proper certification of the teacher(s) is maintained. If certification becomes an issue, assignments must be approved by the Executive Director of Instruction.

  2. The principal of the school states in writing to the Executive Director of Instruction that a teacher vacancy exists citing the grade level(s) and/or content area(s) of the vacancy.

  3. The terms of the Comprehensive Agreement between the Public Schools of Garrett County and the Garrett County Education Association and the Annotated Code of Maryland determine transfers among schools. A request for a voluntary transfer must be on the "Letter of Intent" and length of service may be a priority factor in making the transfer. The Superintendent may involuntarily transfer teacher(s) to meet the needs of the school system. If no transfer is applicable to fill the position(s), the process for selecting applicants begins.

  4. The Interview Committee consisting of a minimum of three of the following professional personnel is activated:
        - Superintendent
        - Executive Director of Instruction
        - Director of Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Human Resources
        - Principal(s)
        - Supervisor of Pupil Services and Special Education
        - Coordinator of Professional Development /Curriculum
        - Coordinator of Research, Evaluation & Information
        - Assistant Principal(s)
        - Pupil Personnel Workers
        - Professional Staff SIT member(s)
    The Interview Committee will be selected by the appropriate Director and chaired by that Director or his/her designee.

  5. The Director of Human Resources provides the Interview Committee with applications of individuals who are certificated for the vacancy.

  6. The Interview Committee selects candidates to interview for the vacancy and notifies the Director of Human Resources of their names, addresses and telephone numbers.

  7. The Director of Human Resources notifies the candidates of the time, place and position for which they are being interviewed.

  8. The Interview Committee submits a summary report which includes a prioritized listing of recommended candidates and a listing of other candidates not recommended for the position. This report is submitted to the Executive Director of Instruction and the Director of Human Resources.

  9. The selected applicant may be notified by the Human Resources Office of the recommendation for employment. Interviewed applicants not selected will also be notified by the Human Resources Office.


Hiring Process:

  1. The Director of Human Resources relays the Interview Committee's recommendation(s) to the Superintendent.

  2. The Superintendent makes an appropriate recommendation to the Garrett County Public Schools. Information regarding the candidate's previous experience and certification will be shared with the Board along with step placement.

  3. The Garrett County Public Schools must approve the employment of all employees.

  4. The Human Resources Office will notify approved candidates of the Board's decision.

  5. The following are to be completed within ten (10) days of employment:

  6. a.    Fingerprinting for Criminal Background Check
    b.    Tuberculin Risk Assessment
    c.    Pre-employment Drug Testing
    d.    MSRS forms for enrollment
    e.    I-9 Form
    f.    Insurance enrollment
    g.    W-4 Forms
    h.    Employee Questionnaire
    i.    Appropriate Contract
    j.    Race and Ethnicity Identification Form
    k.    Maryland New Hire Form
    l.    Direct Deposit Form
    m.  Policy and Procedure Form
    n.    Condition of Employment form
    o.    Certification Payroll Authorization From for Certificated Employees Only
    p.    Picture of ID Badge


    Non-Administrative Certificated Employee Interview Sheet


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    Adopted 07/12/94
    Revised 10/8/96, 11/13/01 ELF, 11/09/10 KDH