Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 3/30/99
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550


Board Policy

  1. With the knowledge of the Director of Personnel, various staff members of the Garrett County Public Schools may recruit for appropriate vacancies which occur or are created. The Director of Personnel will collect and maintain a file of applications, will request references, verify work experience and certification, and collect any additional data needed from an applicant for a vacant or newly created position.
  2. Job descriptions that define position, experience and training are published at the time vacancies occur or are created and a copy is provided to each applicant upon request by the Personnel Office. A detailed job description will accompany notice of employment when applicable (for example: support personnel jobs).
  3. All applicants considered for positions with-the Garrett County Board of Education will be interviewed in accordance with Board policies and procedures as well as in keeping with the Comprehensive Agreements between the Board of Education of Garrett County and its employee groups.
  4. The selected teacher applicant may be notified by the Personnel office of the recommendation for employment following the interviewing process. The appointment will be temporary, pending final Board approval. An effort will be made to effect Board approval prior to the employee beginning work. Applicants who were interviewed and not selected shall also be notified by the Personnel Office.
  5. All personnel employed shall be paid according to the salary schedule for the particular position and placed on the appropriate step of the scale as approved by the Director of Personnel consistent with Board policies and procedures. Salary and step on the scale will be part of the recommendation made by the Superintendent at the time the individual is recommended to the Board of Education for employment.

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Certificated & Other Professional Personnel 532.6 HML
Supportive Services Personnel 636
Adopted 6/10/76
Revised 8/12/82, 7/14/88, 5/11/93, 7/12/94

Change in Policy Number Only 10/3/83