Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 3/6/2009
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

  1. The supervisor of teacher certification will notify schools of deadlines for submitting names for consideration and will distribute information pertaining to the certification. Qualified individuals who are interested in pursuing certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards must submit their names for consideration to the supervisor of teacher certification.
  1. Garrett County will follow the selection guidelines set by the Maryland State Public Schools:

A.        Establish a diverse selection committee representative of the educational community to include, but not limited to, classroom teachers, school administrators, and local teacher association members who are classroom teachers:

B.        Establish and publicize written criteria, including the following:

  1. Three years of successful teaching at one or more early childhood, elementary, middle, or secondary public schools;

  2. A valid Maryland professional certificate;

  3. Voluntary participation in the NBPTS certification process;

  4. Compliance with the deadlines as specified by NBPTS; and

  5. Demonstration of teaching practices in designated teaching fields as identified by NBPTS.

    C.        Garrett County will support up to five candidates each year.

  1. To encourage participation in the certification process the Garrett County Public Schools will participate in the State and Local Aid Program for Certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, funding up to one-third of the assessment fee for each candidate. The State will fund the remaining two-thirds of the assessment fee as per program guidelines. All other costs incurred during this process, including any retaking of tests, not included for state funding are the responsibility of the candidate. Failure to complete the program will result in the candidate reimbursing the State and Garrett County.  The Garrett County Public Schools will pay the cost of the ten year renewal to maintain National Board Certification.

The Garrett County Public Schools will provide up to three professional leave days for participants during the school year in which they are pursuing National Board Certification. The candidate will request leave according to established Garrett County Board procedure.

The Garrett County Public Schools will pay a stipend each year, as per the Comprehensive Agreement between the Garrett County Public Schools and the Garrett County Education Association (GCEA), to those teachers who hold National Board Certification   Payment will be made at the end of each fiscal year that the teacher has been employed in Garrett County.

  1. Candidates will be subject to all requirements established by the Maryland State Public Schools and shall complete all necessary documentation as well as the required portfolio and assessment provided by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. 

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Professional Certification and Recertification
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Source:  COMAR 230-1 - 230-3
Adopted 7/13/00,
Revised 7/25/06 KL