Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 6/15/1999
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

Teachers will use the following guideline statements when determining student grades.

  1. Although subjectivity is recognized as a part of grading, the teacher
  2. must grade for specific activities with certain, previously identified criteria being used.

  3. Documentation is necessary to explain the specific criteria used to determine the grade earned. In kindergarten, teachers will follow the Kindergarten Progress Report Procedure booklet. This booklet provides guidance documenting and assessing student growth and indicates that no written progress report is provided for kindergarten students until the second grading term. In grades 1 and 2, documentation does not imply a rigorous connection to points and/or percentages. In grades 3-5 letter grades are used.
  4. Written and/or, product type assignments should be returned to the
  5. student with appropriate feedback in any of the following forms:

    a. grades;
    b. verbal and/or written comments;
    c. stickers;
    d. stamps;
    e. smiley faces or other symbols;
    f. instant student response checking techniques; or
    g. think/pair/share student activities.

  6. All assignments do not need to be graded and/or recorded. The system
  7. encourages guided practice, followed by independent practice assignments, for which each student is to receive appropriate corrective feedback, to be rewarded for his/her correctness, and/or to be encouraged to extend his/her abilities.

  8. Ability and maturity factors should be considered when giving feedback and/or awarding grades; however, teacher comments should be included in the report to parent(s)/guardian(s) in order to keep parent(s)/guardian(s) informed of these factors being used as considerations for grading purpose.
  9. Markings and comments on student papers and/or products serve primarily as feedback to the student so that he/she knows what is correct or incorrect.
  10. Markings and comments on the Pupil Progress Report serve primarily to communicate student progress to the parent(s)/guardian(s).
  11. It is inappropriate for any teacher to give a blanket mark to students to
  12. indicate satisfactory progress and/or achievement. Students earn marks which are based on pre-determined and specific criteria.

  13. First grade students will not be given a handwriting or spelling mark
  14. until the third and fourth grading periods. Until that time, the student will receive appropriate feedback for written products which will encourage growth and development in these areas.

  15. Marks in art, music, and physical education will not be entered on the Pupil Progress Report for the first and third grading periods; however, these teachers should have sufficient documentation to explain student progress.

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Pupil Services 498.12 AAC
Adopted 4.17.1984
Revised 7.12.1994 BEM