Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 7/8/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedures

I.  Application

    A. Parent or legal guardian must submit the "Assurance of Consent - Home Instruction Program" to the Garrett County Department of Pupil Services at least 15 days before the beginning of home instruction.
    B. Upon receipt of the application the forms will be reviewed for completeness and appropriateness by the Department of Pupil Services.

    Incomplete applications shall be returned to the applicant for additional information. Applications which list non-approved Non-public schools in Section 4b will be returned to the parents informing them of such and that they must either

    1. use an approved school, or
    2. enroll their child in a school which complies with Maryland School Law.

    C. If the "Assurance of Consent" form is complete and in compliance with the Maryland Regulations, the Department of Pupil Services will schedule the necessary review(s).

    D.   The Director of Pupil Services will send a copy of the assurance form to the appropriate school principal.

    E. If the parents request that their child participate in the regularly scheduled standardized testing program, a copy of the "Assurance of Consent" form will be sent by the Department of Pupil Services to the Local Accountability Coordinator (LAC) who will notify the principal of the school where the child will participate in the testing program and will notify the parents of the time, dates, and location.

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Pupil Services 498.1 AAC
Adopted 10/18/84
Revised 11/12/87, 11/10/92