Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 4/8/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550


"Back to School" School

Board Policy

Students who have dropped out of school and are seeking readmission are in need of support to ensure school success. To help ensure that returning students will be successful, the Garrett County Board of Education establishes "Back to School" School.

Prior to readmission, a student who has dropped out of school must attend this program. The three day readmission program will analyze conditions which lead to withdrawal from school, develop methods to alter those conditions by refocusing the student's attention on the purpose and expectations of school, enable the student to acquire a variety of strategies to successfully complete high school, and assist the student to recognize the benefits of education in relation to his/her future endeavors. "Back to School" School will be held approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the Fall semester at each Garrett County high school and approximately two weeks prior to the start of the second semester at Southern High School.

Students will be given a copy of the "Back to School" School procedure at the time of their withdrawal from school and will thus be made aware of this mandatory readmission requirement.

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