Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 6/15/1999
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedures

Students who wish to apply for admission/readmission to the public schools of Garrett County after having been expelled may do so under certain conditions. The conditions are:

  1. that the Superintendent has not expelled the student on a permanent basis,

  2. that the statements made by the Superintendent in the letter of expulsion are observed and

  3. that the student follows the procedures and meets the criteria established below.

  1. Status of Returnees

    1. Students who were expelled and attended another education program will be dealt with according to existing practices.

      1. From Accredited Institutions

        A student who returns from an accredited institution will have his/her work and credits accepted, if the institution considered the work as having met passing standards.

      2. From Non-Accredited Institutions

        A student who returns from a non-accredited institution must be tested for credits according to Garrett County Policy 433.0 and Procedure 433.01

      3. Home Instruction will not be recognized during period of expulsion.
    2. Students who were expelled and did not attend another education program may come back at the same grade level in which they were prior to expulsion if the student complies with other requirements listed in this procedure. In the case of a high school student, the student will be placed in accordance with the number of credits he/she his earned. (NOTE: Correspondence courses are not accepted by the Garrett County Public Schools.

  1. Petition for Re-Enrollment

    The Expulsion Review Committee will make a recommendation to the Superintendent regarding who shall be permitted to return to the Garrett County Public Schools and what the grade placement for that student shall be.

    1. The student must submit an application to enter or re-enter the Garrett County Public Schools by the last day of June prior to the school year for which the student desires to enroll.

    2. The student will be apprised, in writing, of the decision by the Superintendent upon completion of an interview with the committee.

  2. Discipline Record After Enrollment

    1. A student returning from an expulsion cannot be involved in any Category I offenses or he/she will be considered for expulsion the Superintendent.

    2. A student returning from an expulsion cannot be involved in any Category II offenses within the first year back in school or he she will be considered for expulsion by the Superintendent.

  3. Expulsion Review Committee*

    The Expulsion Review Committee's functions will be as follows:

    1. to accept applications from those students who have been expelled from school and request admission/re-admission to the Garrett County Public Schools.

    2. to make decisions to re-admit students only if it is in the best interest of the school and the student.

    3. to ensure that all criteria and conditions established in this procedure are met by students who desire to enroll/re-enroll in the Garrett County Public Schools.

    4. to meet with the student and his/her parents prior to making a recommendation, and

    5. to make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding the student's petition.

  4. The Superintendent will make the decision regarding re-admission.

*The Expulsion Review Committee will be appointed by the Superintendent of Schools and, shall consist of at least three members, one whom must be either the principal or assistant principal of the school in which the student would be enrolled. The other members would include another principal, a pupil personnel worker, the Director of Elementary Education, the Director of Secondary Education, or the Director of Pupil Services.

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Pupil Services 447.01 AAC
Adopted 3.14.1985
Revised 7.14.1988