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Administrative Procedure     



In compliance with Section 9532 (Unsafe School Choice Option) of Title IX of the No Child Left Behind Action of 2001, and the Unsafe School Transfer Option of COMAR 13A., the Garrett County Board of Education will provide the option for a student to transfer from a school designated as Apersistently dangerous@ to a Asafe school@.



1.                  Parents or guardians will be notified when the Maryland State Department of Education places a school on

            probationary status and when a school is designated as Apersistently dangerous@.


2.                  Parents or guardians of the student may request a transfer to a Asafe school@ upon notification by the Garrett

            County Board of Education that the school in which their child is enrolled has been designated as a Apersistently

            dangerous@ school and until the Maryland State Department of Education removes the Apersistently dangerous@

            school designation.


3.                  Parents or guardians of a student who is a documented victim of a crime of violence while on the school grounds of

            the school which the student attends may request a transfer of their child to a Asafe school@.


4.                  To the extent possible, students will be transferred to a Asafe school@ that is making adequately yearly progress and

            that is not in school improvement, corrective action or restructuring.


5.                  The IEP of a Special Education student will be considered in the request of transfer to a “safe school,” with

            consideration being given to the school that can best meet the IEP goals.


6.                  Students in a different school from their home school due to an Aout of area@ request approval would transfer to

            their home school.


7.                  Transportation will be provided to the Asafe school@ for the period of time during which the school is designated as

            Apersistently dangerous@.  The student may continue to attend the Asafe school@ during the time that a school is

            removed from a Apersistently dangerous@ designation, but transportation will not be provided.


8.                  Students who transfer to another school due to their school of attendance being designated as a Apersistently

            dangerous@ school, or due to being a victim of a crime of violence will, upon completion of their respective

            elementary, middle, or high school program, attend the middle or high school designated for their area of residence.


9.                  Upon receipt of the Unsafe School Transfer Request, the Unsafe School Transfer Committee, comprised of the

            Supervisor of Pupil Services, the Director of Transportation, the Coordinator of Staff Development and School     

            Improvement, and the Director of Elementary, or Middle School, or High School (dependent on the student school

            level) will review the transfer request.  In the case of a special education student, the Supervisor of Special

            Education will also be a member of the committee.  Following the review of the transfer request by the committee,

            the parent will be informed by letter of the committee=s decision and the school to which the student will be



10.              It will be the parent=s or guardian=s responsibility to register their child at the school approved for transfer.  This

            transfer option must be exercised within 20 school days of receiving approval, which will be sent by certified mail.



Unsafe School Transfer Request


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