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Administrative Procedure

             I.      Blood Lead Testing Requirements For Students Enrolling In Garrett County Schools

A.   A child enrolling into the Garrett County public school’s pre- kindergarten, kindergarten, or first grade that currently resides, or has previously resided, in  an at-risk area shall provide certified documentation of the child’s blood lead testing.

1.      Documented tests should be the tests at 12 months and 24 months of age.
2.      Two tests are required if the first test was done prior to 24 months of age.
3.      If the first test is done after 24 months of age, one test is required.
4.      If a child has more than two tests for lead done between 12 and 24 months, then only the two most recent blood lead analyses shall be reported.

B.  If a parent/ guardian does not provide certified documentation of the child’s blood lead testing or a signed statement of exemption at the time of enrollment:

      1.      Parent/guardian notification letter (PS 43) should be sent. (See Appendix A)
2.      Documentation of notification letter PS 43 being sent shall be made on the child’s Student Record Card 5 (SR5)

C.  The child’s parent/guardian shall provide certified documentation of the child’s blood lead testing as outlined above, no later than 20 calendar days from first entry into the school system.

          II.      Exemptions

A.  Non At-Risk Residency –The parent/guardian of a child that does not now or has not resided in an at-risk area may claim an exemption from blood lead testing. The parent/guardian shall provide to the school documentation on DHMH # 4620 (See Appendix B) that the child does not reside and has never resided in an at-risk area. ( All of Garrett County is designated at-risk by the Maryland Childhood Lead Poisoning Targeting Plan.)

B.  Religious Objection – If a parent/guardian objects to blood lead testing on religious grounds, documentation on DHMH #4620 shall be provided to the school. This form must include parents/guardians signature and that of the health care provider.  

       III.      Documentation

A.    Evidence of blood lead testing shall be documented on Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene form #4620, and must include:

      1.      Name of the child
2.      Address of the child
3.      Date of blood test(s) for lead poisoning
4.      Signature of the child’s health care provider or designee
5.      Signature of school health professional or designee that transcribed information onto DHMH #4620

B.     Evidence of blood lead testing should also be documented on the child’s Student Record Card 5 (SR5) along with a copy of DHMH #4620.

       IV.      Reporting of Non-Compliance

A.   After the 20-day grace period, a list of children whose parent/guardians have not complied with the requirement to provide evidence of blood lead testing shall be forwarded to the Garrett County Health Department using reporting form PS 44 (See Appendix C).

B.  The school nurse or her designee shall make sure the information forwarded to the Health Department includes the child’s name, child’s last known address, and name and phone number of the child’s parent /guardian.

C.  Documentation of the failure of the parent/guardian to provide evidence of blood lead testing and report of that failure should be documented on the student’s SR5 card.

Source: COMAR 10.11.04 


Appendix A    PS 43 – Parent/Guardian Lead Letter

Appendix B    DHMH # 4620 – Lead Testing Certificate

Appendix C    PS 44 – Lead Non-compliance Notification Form

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