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Administrative Procedure 

I.    Immunization Requirements for Students Enrolling in a Garrett County School

A.    A school principal or other person in charge of a school may not knowingly admit a pupil to, or retain a pupil in, a pre-school program or kindergarten
       through the twelfth grade of school, without proper documentation of age-appropriate immunity against vaccine preventable diseases COMAR 10.06.04 
      (See Appendix A) Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Center for Immunization, Vaccine Requirements for Children Enrolled in Preschool
      Programs and in Schools.  This document is updated each school year and is available at www.EDCP.org (immunization).

B.    A parent or guardian shall provide evidence of age-appropriate immunity to the child’s school on the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
       Immunization Certificate # 896 (See Appendix B) or on a printed or computer generated form that lists the following:

        1.      Name of the student;
  2.      Date of birth;
  3.      Name and address of parent/guardian;
  4.      Complete history of vaccines received with month, day, and year of each vaccine dose; and
  5.      Signature, title, and date of the physician, health official, school official, or regulated child care program providing the information on the form.

C.    In accordance with legislation effective November 24, 2005, vaccine doses administered less than or equal to 4 days before the minimum interval age may
       count as valid.

D.    These regulations may not apply to any pupil who presents a written statement from a licensed physician or a written statement from the health officer or
        the designated representative of the health officer indicating that immunization against any of the vaccine preventable diseases is considered medically
        contraindicated.  COMAR 10.06.04  The physician, health officer, or the designated representative of the health officer, shall indicate in the statement
        whether the contraindication is permanent or temporary.  If the contraindication is temporary:

        1.    The physician, health officer, or designated representative of the health officer, shall provide in the statement an estimate of when the immunization    
         may be obtained by the student.
 2.   The student’s parent/guardian shall furnish the school evidence of the completion of the immunization in accordance with the estimate.

E.    A student, whose parent/guardian objects to immunization on the grounds that the immunization conflicts with their bona fide religious beliefs and
       practices, is exempt from the requirement to present a physicians certificate of immunization.  In order for the student to be admitted to school, the
       parent/guardian must sign the religious objection statement found on DHMH Immunization Certificate # 896.  This exemption does not apply when the
       Health Officer declares an emergency or epidemic of disease.

F.    Cases of contraindication and/or waivers of the regulation based on religious objections must be reported to the Department of Pupil Services.

G.    Annually, by November 15 the Department of Pupil Services must submit to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene DHMH # 1013, Annual
       Report of School Immunization Status.  The report must include the number of students enrolled who have an exemption to immunizations on medical and
       religious grounds.  A copy of this annual report should also be sent to the Garrett County Health Officer.  (See Appendix C) School Nurses or their
      designees shall complete DHMH # 1013 for each school and submit it to Garrett County Department of Pupil Services no later than November 1 of each

H.   Immunization records shall be made available to the Garrett County Health Officer or designee as needed for review when necessary. 

II.    Administrative Procedures for Children Enrolling/Enrolled in A Pre-School Program, or Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade

A.  The child’s parent/guardian is responsible for supplying the school with proof of age-appropriate immunizations at the time of enrollment.

        B.  All students enrolling/enrolled in the Garrett County Public Schools must have the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene form #896, Maryland
             Immunization Certificate completed at the time of school entrance or transfer from another school.

1.    The principal, school nurse, or designee shall be responsible for certifying that it contains the following information:
      a.    Name of student;
      b.    Date of birth;

      c.    Name and address of parent/guardian;

      d.    Complete history of age-appropriate vaccines with month, day, and year of each vaccine dose; and

      e.    Signature, title, and date of the physician, health official, or school official.

2.   If the student’s immunization records are found not to be in compliance, the principal must inform the parents/guardians of the immunization regulations and direct them to their family doctor or the Garrett County Health Department.  Parent notification letter, PS40, will be used for this purpose. (Attachment D)

3.   After certification of the immunizations, the school nurse or designee will attach the immunization certificate (DHMH # 896) to the student’s Student Record Card (SR5) (See Appendix E) along with any printed or computer generated immunization records.  Immunization status and pertinent information can be documented on the student’s SR5 card side two.  This should be maintained in the student’s health record as part of the student=s cumulative record.

4.  Medical contraindications, temporary or permanent, must be documented on the student’s immunization certificate (DHMH # 896) and signed by the physician or health official.

5.   Religious wavers must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian on the appropriate section of the immunization certificate (DHMH # 896).

6.   The school nurse or designee will compile a list of students with medical and religious wavers.  A copy is to be maintained at the school and a copy sent 
to  the Department of Pupil Services.

B.     A school principal or other individual in charge of a school shall temporarily  admit a student to, or retain a student in a pre-school or school if the student is:

      1.    Homeless, or
2.    If the student, parent, or guardian presents evidence of an appointment with a health care provider or health department to:

          a.    Receive a required immunization;
Reconstruct a lost or destroyed record; or
c.       Acquire evidence of age appropriate immunity documented on DHMH # 896 Immunization Certificate, or on a printed or computer generated

      from that lists all required information (see section B above).

 C.  The date of the appointment may not be later than 20 calendar days following the date the student was temporarily admitted or retained.

 D.  The school Nurses assigned to the schools will continually check the immunization records of all students who are not in compliance.  When such a student has not followed the prescribed immunization schedule, the School Nurse will notify the principal.  The parents/guardian shall be notified in writing by use of notification letter PS 40.

E.  A school principal or other individual in charge of a school shall exclude a student who has been temporarily admitted or retained on the next school day following the appointment date if a student, parent, or guardian, fails to provide evidence of required immunizations or if a student reaches the twenty (20)-calendar days limit without showing proof of being in compliance, the student may not be permitted to attend school.  The principal must inform the student and, in the case of a minor child, his parents/guardians of the exclusion.

      1.   The principal shall inform the Department of Pupil Services by using a suspension form with the words “suspension” marked out and “exclusion”
       written (See Appendix F).
2.    The form should be marked with the code 001 Immunization.
3.    The "exclusion" form should be distributed as follows:

      a.    White copy – Child’s health file
Yellow copy – Send home to parent
c.    Pink copy – Send to Pupil Services
d.    Goldenrod copy – Send to Pupil Services 

Source: COMAR 10.06.0


Appendix A    Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Center for Immunization – Vaccine Requirements 2006-07

Appendix B    DHMH #896 - Immunization Certificate 

Appendix C    DHMH # 1013 – Annual Report of School Immunizations

Appendix D    PS40 – Parent/Guardian Non-compliance Notification Letter

Appendix E    Student Record Card – SR5

Appendix F    Garrett County Exclusion Form

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