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Last Updated: 09/14/2011
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Administrative Procedure

Parents who desire to transfer their child from the home school to some other school must first discuss the transfer with the principals of the school and the requested school. It may be possible for either principal to point out why the transfer may not be advisable or why it cannot be made. If the parent still feels the transfer should be made, the parent must complete Sections I and II of PS Form 5 and confer with the principals of both the home and requested school. The form will then be forwarded to the Department of Transportation. Final approval rests with the Department of Pupil Services. The following should be noted:

  1. Requests for an out-of-area transfer for a new school year should be submitted by June 15 of the preceding school year. Requests submitted by this date will be acted upon by July 1. Requests will be approved or denied for one school year only and an initial request or renewal request must be submitted annually.
  2. All cases will be reviewed according to policy criteria and requests will be considered in order of receipt at the Office of Pupil Services.
  3. Placements that will result in overcrowding in the receiving school may be denied based on class size as mentioned in Policy 431.2.
  4. Acceptable attendance, behavior, and academic performance may be considered when a student requests continuation of an out-of-area placement.
  5. Arrangements for pupil transportation will be parental responsibility. Transportation will be provided by the Board of Education when:
    1. The student is a special education student and the out-of-area placement has been recommended and approved by the IEP Committee, or
    2. The student can be accommodated by existing transportation without any alterations in the routing or establishing pickup/discharge points for that bus, meeting the following specified criteria:
        1. An established stop
        2. On an existing route
        3. For a bus that serves the requested school
        4. With a bus that is not beyond an acceptable capacity
  6. A response to each request will be made in writing via PS Form 5.

    Out-Of-Area Transfer Request (PS Form 5)

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