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Last Updated: 09/14/2011
Garrett County Public Schools
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Board Policy

The Public Schools Laws of Maryland give the Board of Education the responsibility for establishing school districts and determining which pupils shall be admitted to the public school within that district. Conditions under which Garrett County students may be permitted to attend school outside of the local school area on a one year basis are as follows:

  1. A child's physical needs are better met in another school due to building accessibility or accommodation of the actual physical needs of the child (i.e.: wheelchair-bound students, availability of services, IEP recommendation, hearing impaired or ADHD students. etc.). Any physical need should be verified by a qualified examiner.

  2. Special placement to another school as recommended by a certified psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, other recognized community agencies, or the Department of Pupil Services and is approved by the Department of Pupil Services.

  3. When there is a need for a specific educational program according to federal or state mandates.

  4. Siblings of students who are placed in a school out of their attendance area for the reasons cited above.

  5. When a student's family has moved from an attendance area, the parent may request permission for the student to complete that school year. If a family can show verification of specific plans to move into a new attendance area, the parent may request permission for the student to begin the school year at the new school.

  6. To allow for supervision for students who would otherwise be unattended during the hours before and after school. The name, address, and phone number of the adult providing this care must be recorded on the application.

  7. To allow school choice if a school is closed.

These requests may be contingent upon the class size of the "requested" school. The principal of the "requested" school may refuse to approve the application if the school already has a class size of 20 or more or 15 or more if it involves a split grade configuration at the elementary school level. This allows for new in-area students enrolling over the summer and the first week of school.

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