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Last Updated: 4/7/2005
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Administrative Procedure

Any parent wishing to enroll a child in a Garrett County school must present to the appropriate school staff:

A.  Evidence of Birth

     Acceptable documents are:

1.  Birth Certificate 5.  Parent's Affidavit
2.  Hospital Certificate 6.  Family Bible
3.  Physician's Certificate 7.  Passport/Visa
4.  Baptismal or Church Certificate  

         B. Proof of Up-To-Date Immunization

            Immunization records must include signature, date (month, day, year) and official capacity, license or title of person signing the form.  (See Policy #431.4 and
            Administrative Procedure #431.41.)

         C. Proof of Residency Acceptable documents are:

1. Deed/Mortgage Agreement
2. Current property tax bill
3. Current rental lease or agreement
4. Current utility bill with applicant's name and address
5. Statement of Residency Verification (Attachment I)

All parents must complete an Affidavit of Disclosure form. (Attachment II)

In instances where the owner/lessee of the home in which the child lives is not the parent/guardian of the child, the owner/lessee of the home will provide a signed notarized affidavit of child's residence. (Example: Attachment III)

No child will be enrolled in a Garrett County school without evidence of residency. If evidence of residency indicates that a child resides in a county other than Garrett County, Procedure 431.31 Non Resident Students will apply.

D. Social Security Card

Social Security Numbers are requested, but not required.

Copies of all documentation will be maintained in the child's permanent record for auditing purposes.

Sources: COMAR 13A.08.02.09 Content of Records
             "Maryland Student Records Systems, Manual of Instructions" Revised 1997

Statement of Residency Verification

Affidavit of Disclosure

Example of Notarized Affidavit of Child's Residence

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