Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 12/17/2004
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

  1. Who

    1. Any child who is not in school regularly, shows signs of maladjustment, and/or is not achieving educationally may need the services of the Department of Pupil Services.

  2. When

    1. The School based personnel will use all of the resources and techniques found within the school prior-to making a referral. Actions such as change of school program, conferences with the student, parent and school personnel, counseling, and appropriate disciplinary action should be attempted. However, it may be desirous to involve the pupil services personnel in any one of the above mentioned actions.

  3. Referral

    1. Referrals may be initiated by teachers, administrators, counselors, parents, the student. The teacher usually is the most frequent source of referrals.

      Referrals fall into two categories:

      1. Pupil Services

      2. Those referrals which strictly deal with attendance, behavior, neglect or abuse, medical or emotional impairments which are not affecting the student's educational performance, actions which involve or need to involve the legal authorities, or situations which do not relate to Special Education programs or process.

      3. Special Education

      4. Those referrals that request special testing and possibly special education placement. This is more fully explained in the Garrett County Special Education Handbook.

  4. Process

    1. Pupil Services

      1. The referring person must confer with the school principal to insure that all appropriate local school options have been explored.

      2. Pupil Services Referral Form (PS 6) must be filled out, signed by both the referring person and the principal, and sent to the Department of Pupil Services or given to the Pupil Personnel Worker serving the school.

      3. Information given on the referral must state only that which is observed and substantiated. It must not contain subjective allegations.

      4. Suggestions, appropriate to the referral, may be offered as to possible actions or hoped for outcomes.

    2. Special Education

      1. The referral process is completely outlined in the Garrett County Special Education Handbook and must be followed.

  5. Referral Expectations:

    1. Pupil Services

      1. All referrals will be responded to as quickly as time and circumstances allow. The primary contact person at the local school will be the principal unless the principal designates someone else for specific cases.

    2. Special Education

      1. The ARD process is outlined in the Garrett County Special Education Handbook and must be followed.

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