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Leaving School For Curricular, Co-Curricular

or Extra Curricular Events

Board Policy  

The Garrett County Board of Education recognizes the importance of out-of-classroom learning experiences that are connected to the curricula.  Co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences provide a great compliment to studentsí development. 

Given the extensive research evidence that time on meaningful tasks and opportunities to learn are essential components to an effective school, in conjunction with the limited amount of instructional time available to teachers during the typical school day to interact with students, the Garrett County Board of Education believes that it is critically important that instructional time be honored and managed responsibly by school staffs. Principals and teachers must strike an appropriate balance between classroom-based and non-classroom-based activities, such as field trips, to ensure maximum curriculum-driven opportunities for teaching and learning to occur. 

Any student or group of students attending the Garrett County Public Schools and leaving the school for the purpose of school-sponsored study, travel, athletics, band, field trips, and other related curricular events must receive approval in writing from the principal of the school or the principal's designee and/or the County Superintendent of Schools or the Superintendent's designee. 

In order to assist in providing direction for the use of student time in conjunction with curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular experiences, the Superintendent of Schools will develop guidelines to be utilized in planning and evaluating activities that transpire outside the school building, where students are scheduled to receive daily instruction.  


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