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Administrative Procedure


      For the purposes of administering Board policy 347.7, the following procedure will be used by staff.


1.   The various school activities are defined as follows:


A. Curricular Those educational experiences considered as part of the regular program offerings.
B. Co-Curricular Those educational experiences which are an extension or enrichment of the regular program offerings.
C. Extra-Curricular Those educational experiences not found in the regular program offerings and/or are essentially competitive in nature or are special interest groups.
D. Specific school activities are determined as curricular, co-curricular, and/or extra-curricular by building-level administration in collaboration with central office administration.


2.   The Board of Education has ultimate authority in determining what student activities are to be permitted.  Additions or deletions to activities funded by the Garrett County Board of Education must receive the approval of that body.  The principal, in consultation with the school staff and students, will authorize curricular and co-curricular activities and events.


3.   The principal of each school is responsible for the scheduling of all curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.  High school principals, with the assistance of coaches/directors, are responsible for submitting to the office of the superintendent schedules of all athletic teams and band units prior to the beginning of the first and second semesters.


4.   Principals, with the assistance of the guidance staff at both the middle and high schools, are responsible for determining eligibility of students on a marking period basis.  At the end of the last marking period of the course, however, the final grade on the permanent record card shall determine eligibility for the succeeding marking period.  Eligibility shall be determined on the date the county specifies for report card release.  This shall not affect any activity performed on that day.  Students may participate in extracurricular activities during the period an “incomplete” is in effect, provided the incomplete is made up within ten school days of the ensuing marking period.  To participate at the high school level, a student must be enrolled in the high school in which graduation is anticipated.  A foreign exchange student must maintain full time equivalency in order to participate in extra-curricular activities.


5.   Board policy and administrative procedure must be used in making transportation arrangements for any curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activity.


6.   Coaches and sponsors of activities must submit to the principal or designee a schedule of activities and performances to be conducted for the duration of the time of the activity.  The schedule must satisfy, in the principal’s judgment, the needs of the participants and the overall goals of the specific activity.


7.   Students who remain at school (after dismissal time) for any type of school practice or activity must have permission from home.  This permission is to be cleared through the school office.




1.   When schools are closed early due to inclement weather or other emergencies, all school activities, both practice and events, will be canceled.    In the event of regional competitions, the superintendent may approve travel and participation.


2.   In the event schools are closed all day and the emergency condition or weather, in the judgment of the principal, has been alleviated by noon, activities may be held (See Form.)  Safety of the participants should be given high priority in making this decision.  Participation will be on a voluntary basis of participants and their parents.




1.   Participation on an athletic team or in extra-curricular activities in the public schools of Garrett County is regarded as a privilege.  Students chosen for participation are subject to reasonable rules of conduct and training.  Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary actions ranging from conferences among school officials and the student and his/her parents, to dismissal from participation.


2.   Rules for participation are effective from the first day of practice and through an ensuing 180 school day period of the present and next school years but not during the non-school year, summer break days except for year long activities.  Each head coach and sponsor will submit a list of specific rules and possible disciplinary actions to the school’s principal for approval prior to the beginning of the activity.  Copies of the rules and possible disciplinary actions are to be submitted to each participant, and a signed record of receipt is to be kept on file in the school.




1.   All senior high school staff members (i.e., teachers, custodians, cooks, administrators, etc.).


2.   A & S Staff and Board of Education members (upon request).


3.   All coaches and aides who are employed outside the senior high school and who coach at the high school level.


4.   Media personnel on a request basis.


5.   Any person deemed by the principal, athletic director or coach as a necessary part of that program.


*All passes for employed coaches/directors will allow entire families into events and other passes will admit only those to whom the pass has been issued and is not transferable.




Admission prices, advertising rates, and the like will be determined by each individual school/conference affiliation.  Media broadcast fees will be charged in accordance with MPSSAA rules and use the appropriate county form. (See Form). 




1.   Before any school sponsored sport extra duty activity can be added to or deleted from a school’s program, an application for an addition or a letter requesting a deletion must be submitted to the principal.


2.   An information discussion should always be held with the Director of Secondary Education (9-12) in advance of any formal consideration to add or delete extra-curricular activities.


3.   Any application for a new activity in the extra-curricular category must outline the purpose, goals, practice and/or meeting schedule, necessity, student interest, estimate of annual costs, if any, and how funds will be provided to care for the expenditures.  The principal will forward the application to the Activities Review Committee prior to its annual meeting in order to permit the committee to evaluate the request and recommend to the Board whether to add the activity to its programs the following year.


4.   Any written request for the deletion of an extra-curricular activity or sport must outline the reasons why the deletion is desired and include pertinent background facts and information that support the reasoning.  The principal will forward the written request to the Activities Review Committee for its evaluation and recommendation to the Board.  In the event of the lack of an adequate coach/advisor or student interest, the principal may temporarily suspend an extra-curricular activity upon consultation with the Director of Secondary Education (9-12).


5.   Requests for addition of extra-duty personnel must follow this same process.




A student who is away from the school building on a school day or regularly scheduled class(es) because of an extra-curricular activity will not be marked absent.




1.   Notification and application:


Any currently employed faculty member, excluding A&S personnel, desiring to be a coach, sponsor, or advisor of an approved Garrett County Board of Education extra-curricular activity, must submit a completed application form to the principal of the school on or before May 15th to be considered for the upcoming school year.  Whenever a position cannot be filled with qualified candidates from within the school, the personnel office will post a notice of same in each school for two weeks before filling the position.  Every effort will be made to appoint all coaches, sponsors, and advisors 30 days before the beginning of each activity or sport season.  For those activities required to begin within 30 days of the beginning of the school year for which a vacancy exists or is created during the summer months, a list of such vacancies shall be forwarded to teachers who indicate such interests on the most recent intent form and two weeks will be allowed to receive applications before the vacancy or vacancies are filled.  Coaches/sponsors/advisors whose evaluation has been satisfactory will be reassigned upon request unless their teaching assignment has been changed in such a manner that, in the principal’s judgment, continuing the extra-curricular assignment would be detrimental to either the teaching assignment or extra-curricular program.  Athletic Directors will submit a list of vacancies to the Director of Secondary Education by May 15th of each school year.  Vacancies will be posted through the Personnel Office.


2.   Criteria for selection:


Eligibility for assignment to an extra-curricular position will be governed by the following:


      a.   sincere interest in youngsters and ability to get along with them;

      b.   Qualified full-time teaching employee of the Garrett County Board of Education will be given first priority;

      c.   should be employed a portion of the day in the school building in which the activity is conducted,

      d.   previous experience in the activity is desired;

      e.   must meet job requirements specified in job descriptions;

      f.    ability to work cooperatively with school administration;

      g.   must be appointed on a yearly basis; and

      h.   any exception to the above must be in accordance with the other provisions of state and county policy.


3.   Recommendation for appointment:


It shall be the responsibility of the principal to screen all applicants according to the above criteria and appropriate evaluations.


The principal will confer with the supervisor responsible for the athletic and extra-curricular programs before making a decision on each applicant.


The principal will then make his/her recommendation using the approved assignment form.  This form will be sent to the Director of Secondary Education who will request approval from the superintendent and/or Board of Education.


4.   Compensation:


Board approved extra-curricular staff will be compensated using the approved Extra-Duty Pay Scale.


5.   Evaluation of Extra-Curricular/Extra Pay Assignments


The Board of Education of Garrett County believes that the assessment of coaches, athletic directors, and sponsors/advisors of school activities is vital if we are to improve the interscholastic athletic program and other activities within our schools.  Inherent in this process is the belief that the major goal of assessment is for the improvement of instruction and the administration of these programs.

  1. It is the responsibility of the principal or his designee to evaluate on the approved form, the performance of those faculty members involved in extra-curricular and extra-pay assignments.

  2. Evaluation dates are January 30th for activities ending in the first semester, May 31st for year long, and second semester activities.

  3. At the time of the evaluation, the principal will review and sign the approved Coach/Sponsor/Advisor Checkout Form that is to be completed by each coach and sponsor/advisor.  (The athletic director must also sign the Coach/Sponsor/Advisor Checkout Form for all coaches/sponsors/advisors.)  The coach or sponsor/advisor and the athletic director will receive a copy of the Checkout Form.  This form must be completed prior to submitting a request for payment.

6.   Other Conditions

  1. When a teacher in one school is assigned to coach, direct, or sponsor an activity in another school, he/she shall have approval signed by all principals involved. A copy of such approval shall be attached to his or her request for assignment.  Employment of any non-certificated person to coach, direct, or sponsor a school activity shall be in accordance with the regulations of the MPSSAA and the Garrett County Board of Education.

  2. Before a contract is offered to an assistant coach in any sport, the head coach must be consulted.

  3. The extra-curricular activities coaches and directors will be given two professional days per year for participation in clinics and other professional related functions.  Athletic directors will, on a need basis, be given professional leave and reimbursement at county rate to represent the school in district, regional, and state conferences as deemed necessary by the principal and Director of Secondary Education (9-12) but not to exceed four (4) days per year.

  4. Where the employee is found to have used, consumed, possessed, distributed (except as in Sub-secion 1.c.) or have under the influence of alcohol in any school, at any time, or on school grounds during school hours, or while supervising students in a school-related activity-sanctions up to and including termination.

  5. Where an employee is found to have used, consumed, possessed, distributed (except as in Sub-section 1.c) or been under the influence of alcohol on school grounds after school hours, or while participating in any school-related activitity involving students.

    (1)    First Offense-a period of suspension up to thirty (30) days without pay

    (2)    Second Offense-additional sanctions up and including termination

  6. Where any employee is convicted of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or any other alcohol-related offenses, and there is a rational nexus between the offense and his or her job performance, so that job performance is impaired, including the impairment of the employee's responsibility to set the appropriate example for the students.

    (1)    First Offense-reprimand

    (2)    Second Offense-within ten (10) years, subject to suspension of up to thirty (30) days without pay

    (3)    Third Offense-within ten (10) years, subject to additional sanctions up to and including termination

7.  Drama Productions


Compensation is based on two plays and payment is made per play.  This allows for any combination of major school plays such as junior and senior class plays or combined class groups depending on the needs of the school as judged by the principal.  As with other groups, a schedule of rehearsals and performances must be arranged and conducted to the satisfaction of the principal in order for compensation to be paid.




The School Activities/Evaluation Committee will be composed of the following representatives from each high school:

  1. One (1)    Administrator,

  2. One (1)    Athletic Director,

  3. One (1)    Teacher/Coach,

  4. One (1)    Teacher (non-coach),

  5. One (1)    Teacher (special education)

  6. Two (2)    Parents, and

  7. One (1)    Student

      From the Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Unit–

  1. One (1)    Representative

This committee will work under the supervision of the Director of Secondary Education (9-12).  The committee will meet annually for the purpose of reviewing the conduct of the school activities, evaluating the effectiveness of the policies and procedures governing the activities program, receiving and reviewing requests from the principals to drop or add programs and positions, and to recommend to the superintendent and Board of Education any changes in these policies, procedures, staffing or compensation.


The School Activities/Evaluation Committee will also serve the Board of Education by addressing appeals from students, parents, coaches, or administrators in regard to Athletic Equity for Students with Disabilities.  The following criteria will be used by the committee to review the case:



Since facilities used in the extra-curricular activities program are part of Board of Education property, the Board has an obligation to maintain the facilities at a level consistent with a good appearance, efficient operation, and the safety of students, staff, and general public.


In this regard, a differentiation between maintenance of these facilities and capital outlay for these facilities has to be made.  Maintenance items consist of those activities which have to do with keeping the grounds, buildings, and equipment in their original condition of completeness or efficiency, either through repairs or replacements of property.  Principals are charged with the responsibility for ensuring that these facilities are properly maintained.  The procedure for requesting maintenance assistance from the maintenance staff is the same for athletic facilities as it is for other Board of Education facilities.  This procedure, however, does not preclude use of school funds or other forms of assistance in helping to maintain the facilities–in fact, this form of assistance is encouraged, but any type of proposed maintenance which is to be done with school or other resources is to be reviewed with the Supervisor of Maintenance.


In the case of capital outlay, these are expenditures which result in the acquisition of, or addition to, fixing assets.  These types of items can be funded by the Board of Education, but due to their nature must be requested as part of the annual budget request. 


Oakland, Maryland 21550




General Statement of Duties – Head Coaches/Sponsors/Advisors


      The head coach/sponsor/advisor is responsible to the athletic or activities director.  The head coach/sponsor/advisor of an individual activity must realize that any activity sponsored by a school is a part of the total program offered by that school.  The head coach/sponsor/advisor shall be responsible for the entire activity and shall exercise appropriate leadership techniques to ensure that the activity has a positive and productive influence on the total educational experiences of students.  The head coach/sponsor/advisor must have a thorough knowledge of the activity, adequate skill background in the activity and the ability to encourage student participation in the activity.


Examples of Duties and Responsibilities


A.    Administrative Responsibilities


                  1.   Arranges orientation programs to encourage student participation.


                  2.   Assists the activity director in the recommendation of assistants to be employed and on the evaluation of assistants.


                  3.   Attends meetings in the school or at the county level that deal directly with the sport/activity coached, sponsored or advised.


                  4.   Attends a rules interpretation meeting dealing with the sport/activity if appropriate.


                  5.   Assumes responsibility for implementing the procedures outlined in the Garrett County activities policies, MPSSA Handbook, National Federation of State High School Athletic Association, NAGWS and other recognized national organizations.


                  6.   Completes and submits a pre-season and post-season inventory of equipment and uniforms to the activity director.  Assesses individual members the cost of all lost equipment or supplies.


                  7.   Assumes responsibility for all equipment used during practice and for contests.


                  8.   Assumes responsibility for filing with the athletic director a record of a physical examination, insurance form, emergency care release form, and a parental permission slip for each squad member as well as all other administrative forms.


                  9.   Submits a squad list to the activity director, for eligibility certification, prior to the first contest.


                10.   Submits to the activity director necessary reports such as:

  1. budget requests,

  2. replacement of supplies and/or equipment 

  3. maintenance of equipment and facility,

  4. roster information,

  5. end of season report, and

  6. other requested information for official use.

                11.   Meets with vendors of supplies and fund-raising projects.


                12.   Establishes written criteria for the earning of athletic letters and/or other appropriate awards.


                13.   Maintains good public relations with the faculty, community, schools and universities, and news media.


                14.   Reviews box scores and reports, contest results to news media immediately following contest, if applicable.


                15.   Furnishes contest results to activity directors and tournament chairpersons.


                16.   Are encouraged to serve on district and state committees, district and state tournament committees, and on county committees.  Attendance at county meetings is, of course, required.


                17.   Serves as a consultant regarding renovation and maintenance of facilities.


                18.   Assists interested participants in furthering their educational opportunities.


                19.   Maintains appropriate individual and team statistics and records as appropriate.


                20.   Works closely with school booster organizations.


                21.   Assists the activity director in scheduling contests.


                22.   Cooperates with cheerleaders, school band, pompom organizations and other related groups in the planning of pep rallies, special programs, etc.


            B.    Responsibilities of Coaches/Sponsors/Advisors


                  1.   Decides the personnel of the team/activity.


                  2.   Has full control of the activity in all matters pertaining to direction and discipline.  (A list of rules and procedures will be filed with the activity director and included with the parents’ permission to participate form.)


                  3.   Attends each practice session and all contests of the activity.  This includes supervision at all times of the working area until the area is secured before and after practices and contests.


                  4.   Assumes responsibility for squad members at contests when at home or on a trip.


                  5.   Organizes and conducts practices, scrimmages, games, and activities within the guidelines of the Garrett County Activities Policies and the MPSSAA Handbook.


                  6.   Determines staff assignments and responsibilities.


                  7.   Conducts staff meetings when appropriate.


                  8.   Reviews safety procedures with staff and participants.


                  9.   Prepares equipment, timing instruments and the like for practices and contests.


                10.   Repairs equipment as necessary.


                11.   Assigns student manager and statistician responsibilities.


                12.   Establishes procedures for the proper cleaning and storage of uniforms/equipment.


                13.   Develops incentive/award systems as necessary.


                14.   Assumes responsibility for one’s own sportsmanlike conduct and that of the participants.


                15.   Picks up and delivers film of contests, if needed.


                16.   Maintains records and becomes involved in the academic progress of all participants.


                17.   Attends clinics related to the activity.


                18.   Utilizes accepted methods of care and prevention of athletic injuries when applicable.


                19.   Supervises students awaiting transportation home following practices and contests.


                20.   Prepares handbooks and playbooks for participants.


                21.   Scouts opponent’s contests as necessary and prepares reports.


                22.   Gives personal support to the entire program.


      C.   Assistants


            The assistant works in cooperation with the head coach or sponsor.  The assistant possesses a thorough knowledge of the activity, an adequate skill background in the activity, an ability to encourage wide student participation in the activity.  The assistant shall be responsible for duties and assignments as delegated by the head coach/sponsor.


            The above responsibilities are non all-inclusive.  The assistant shall assume other related duties as may be determined by the activity director in consultation with the head coach/sponsor/advisor.  Final decision regarding these duties will be made by the principal in consultation with the activity director.










Oakland, Maryland 


      The athletic director will be responsible for: 

                  1.   assisting coaches in arranging the schedules for all athletic contests,

                  2.   payments of athletic equipment and supplies,

                  3.   approval of all purchases after study with each coach,

                  4.   assisting coaches in arranging for all transportation–for players and coaching staff,

                  5.   arranging for all officials,

                  6.   supervision of all playing field, court, or facilities for game participation,

                  7.   arranging for the care of athletic facilities,

                  8.   arranging for the storage of all athletic equipment,

                  9.   arranging for ticket sales to athletic department sponsored contests,

                10.   assisting coaches in arranging for programs and advertisement,

                11.   arrangements for publicity,

                12.   arranging for awards assemblies,

                13.   supervising the conduct of pep rallies,

                14.   general knowledge of the entire athletic program,

                15.   arranging for Emergency Medical Services at all football games,

                16.   assisting coaches in providing timers and scorekeepers at athletic contests,

                17.   accurate accounting of all funds received by the athletic department,

                18.   approving use of athletic facilities for athletic purposes by outside organizations,

                19.   inform the administration of current activities–positive and negative,

                20.   assisting the administration in selecting and evaluating coaching personnel,

                21.   representing the school on the School Activities Review/Evaluation Committee,

                22.   perform such duties as necessary to implement Policy #347.7 or this procedure, and

                23.   other duties as assigned by the principal.










  1. The Coaches/Activity Directors/Sponsors/Advisors Evaluation Form is the formal assessment instrument to be used to show the effectiveness of the coach/activity director/sponsor/advisor.

  2.  The principal and/or his designee shall evaluate a coach/activity director/sponsor/advisor at least once per sport and/or activity annually.

  3.  The evaluator will schedule a conference with the coach/activity director/sponsor/advisor to discuss the evaluation.

  4.  The coach/activity director/sponsor/advisor will sign the evaluation form indicating that he/she has received a copy of an evaluation.

  5.  The individual being evaluated, principal, and the supervisor of activities will each receive a copy of the evaluation form after a conference is held by the evaluator.

  6.  Evaluation due dates are as follows:

      a.   First Semester         –    January 31st

      b.   Second Semester    –    May 31st

      c.   Year-long Activities  –    May 31st




Oakland, Maryland 21550 


Qualification:            Preference will be given to individual certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association


Primary Function:    To assist coaches in maintaining proper physical condition of all student athletes.


The Athletic Trainer:


1.    Shall work with coaches in the prevention of athletic injuries.

  1. Screen athletes for individual weaknesses.

  2. Set up individual flexibility, strength and conditioning programs to overcome athletes weaknesses.

  3. Work with coaches of each sport to set up conditioning and flexibility programs for that sport.

  4. Work in cooperation with the coaches and the team physician in the selection of the best available protective athletic equipment; and checking it for safety and proper fit.

2.    Shall have an injury management program

  1. Evaluate the extent of injury.

  2. Give first aid and initial care.

  3. Refer injured athlete to physician when needed.

  4. Administer treatments and rehabilitation therapy to injured athlete.

  5. To act as a resource to the coaches for staff development in the areas of athletic training and sports medicine.  Assist the coaches in determining whether injured athletes should be available for participation.

3.    Shall cover practices and games as follows:

  1. Give maximum coverage to the highest incidence of injury sport: football.

  2. Give coverage to other sports as time permits.  (Note: the athletic trainer is not required to cover games with the exception of Varsity and J.V. and 9th grade football).

            1.   During regular duty day and posted training room hours assist coaches of all sports on a consulting basis for training programs, injury prevention, etc.

            2.   During posted training room hours be accessible to all coaches for the purpose of evaluating student injuries, referrals, and follow-up.

            3.   Provide and maintain adequate records on all athletic injuries, and treatments which were administered by the trainer.

  1. Give priority to home events with the exception of away football games.

4.   During sport seasons maintain a posted schedule of training room hours to treat injured athletes from any sport.  Suggest 3:20 - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or equivalent.


5.   In conjunction with the Athletic Director, order, receive and organize all athletic training supplies.

  1. Stock all first aid kits.  When coach’s kit runs low, it is the coach’s responsibility to have the kit returned to the training room to be refilled.

6.   Shall be responsible for the operation of all therapy equipment in the training room.


7.   Shall be responsible for the cleanliness of the training room.


8.   Shall carry out his/her duties in accordance with the principles of the Code of Ethics established by the National Athletic Trainers Association.


9.   Other Conditions:

  1. Athletic trainers will be permitted to claim reimbursement for credits/units earned which apply toward maintaining N.A.T.A. certification.  This reimbursement will be commensurate with the allowance provided to teachers for the cost of tuition for college courses within the context of the negotiated agreement.

  2. Athletic trainers will be permitted to use two (2) professional days per year, if necessary, for participation in clinics or other professional activities which contribute toward maintenance of advancement of the trainer’s certification.











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