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Last Updated: 8/20/98
Garrett County Public Schools
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Procedures for the School and Student Enrichment

Administrative Procedure


     To provide current information and establish procedures of the present operation of the School and Student Enrichment Program.


     The Public Schools is dedicated to meeting the needs of every student. (See Policy Statement 345.3)


     The following action plan and procedures have been developed for the elementary and combination schools' School and Student Enrichment Program within the framework of the Board's policy.

     Elementary certified teachers will be assigned as enrichment teachers to provide additional resources and help for the regular classroom teacher in the elementary and combination schools. Teachers will be scheduled to provide instruction in the regular classroom, to provide instruction to "talent pool" students in a pull-out setting, and to confer with regular classroom teachers. It will be the responsibility of each principal and staff member to see that students who participate in the pull-out program will not be punished in any way or exempted from any special activities happening during the period of time that the student is released from the regular classroom.

     The following action plan and procedures have been developed for middle and high school students within the framework of the Board's policy.

  1. The middle schools receive placements and recommendations from the elementary schools. Students are then grouped into homogeneous language arts and/or mathematics sections. These sections are offered in grades six, seven, and eight. The interdisciplinary teacher teams then constantly monitor the placement of all students and have the flexibility to adjust student placement as necessary. Occasionally, parents request to have their children admitted to or withdrawn from the enrichment classes. In such an event, the criteria for placement, the student's achievement, and school recommendations are shared with the parent. Following this, individual placements are reconsidered.

  2. At the senior high school the Enrichment Program is implemented through program sequences for career advancement which offer specialization in each career path providing enrichment, exploration, job skills, and/or career preparation. In addition to the above, scheduling in the high school provides several options: personalized scheduling, including a wide array of elective subjects; early college admission and part-time enrollment at Garrett Community College; etc. (See Policies. 344.52 and 345.32)

     The appropriate enrichment staff at each school will be required to provide appropriate information on identified students to the receiving school. Articulation between feeder schools (elementary to middle schools; middle to high schools) and recognition of previously identified students will be maintained.

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Instruction 345.31 RFR
Adopted 10/31/83
Revised 6/7/88 CET/LAP, Revised 11/9/93 BEM