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Last Updated: 4/2/2007
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Application for an Honorary High School Diploma
World War II, Korean Conflict, and Viet Nam Veteran


Administrative Procedure


Eligibility Verification - Individuals who wish to obtain a high school diploma from the Garrett County Public School System will make application by securing the proper form from the office of the superintendent of schools. Upon the completion of this application, the school system will investigate the eligibility of the application through its enrollment records and the applicant's personal enlistment and discharge papers provided with the application. If the applicant no longer has the required service records in his/her possession, the individual may secure these records from the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA). Should the applicant wish to have the Garrett County Public Schools obtain these records from the MDVA, the applicant must complete a `Release of Information" form which will allow this department to provide the needed records to the school system.


The Diploma - Upon verification of the conditions set forth in the law, the Garrett County Public Schools will award the applicant a high school diploma. The diploma may be designed in a manner consistent with that of the high school from which the individual would have graduated at the time of his/her enlistment in the armed forces, or may be typical of the diplomas currently granted by our high schools, depending upon the preference of the recipient and/or availability of replicated diploma.


Participation in Commencement Exercises - In an effort to add the proper significance and formality to the awarding of an honorary high school diploma, the veteran who qualifies for this diploma may choose to participate in the annual commencement exercises at the high school. In order to participate in these exercises, the veteran recipient must notify the appropriate high school principal by May 1 of the school year in which participation at commencement exercises is requested.


World War II, Korean Conflict, and Viet Nam Veteran Application for an Honorary High School Diploma.

Release of Information.


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