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Last Updated: 4/6/2005
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Student Records

Administrative Procedures

Pursuant of COMAR 13A.08.0l.B. (1) (2) (3) which are listed below:

  1. Procedures for Administration. Records shall be kept for individual pupils in accordance with regulations of the State Board, of Education (Student Record System).
  2. Confidentiality. Individual pupil records maintained by teachers or other school personnel under the provision of this title are to be confidential in nature, and access to these records may not be granted only for the purpose of serving legitimate and recognized educational ends. Individual pupil records, with the exception of records that are designated as permanent, and with other exceptions provided by law, should be destroyed when they are no longer able to serve legitimate and recognized educational ends.
  3. Access of Parents. All records of a pupil maintained under the provisions of this title, including confidential records, shall be available to that pupil's parent or parents (non-custodial - see COMAR Regulation .12C) or legal guardian or guardians in conference with appropriate school personnel. For purposes of this regulation, the term "records" may not include an education department employees’ personal notes which are not made available to any other person.

The following procedures pertaining to the handling of student records are:

  1. All cumulative folders and confidential records should be maintained and kept in a secure manner so as to ensure their confidentiality. Educational records will not be removed from the school without the expressed consent of the principal. It is recommended a separate file be maintained for sensitive information such as psychologicals, D.S.H. information, etc.
  2. Cumulative folders are not open to the inspection of anyone not on the school faculty except the parents or legal guardian. When outside agencies such as the FBI or other employers request references the school administrator, counselor or designated professional member of the staff should interpret the information from the folder.
  3. School clerks are not to present any such persons with students' records for their examination.
  4. Information requested by telephone should not be transmitted unless the legitimacy of such requests is beyond all reasonable doubt.
  5. Cumulative folders are open to the inspection of parent or guardian provided a school administrator, teacher, or counselor is present to interpret the information.
  6. School personnel may conduct conferences with or about individual students in the presence of parents or legal guardians, professional referral sources (lawyer, doctor, probation officer, etc.) as the need occurs. Under no circumstances are conferences to be conducted with other persons (neighbors, family, friends, etc.) unless the parent is present and approves.
  7. Only professional staff and regularly employed clerical help should have access to student records. Neither students nor volunteer help should be permitted to handle or file confidential information.
  8. All requests for student information exchanged between community agencies and our schools will be handled through the Department of Pupil Services.
  9. Attorneys for the legal guardian may see the file or have copies of materials in the file provided the school has a release authorization from the legal guardian.
  10. Schools may charge a fee for copies of student records which are made for the parents of students, students, and eligible students under these regulations, provided that the fee does not effectively prevent the parents and students from exercising their right to inspect and review those records.
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