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Last Updated: 7/5/05
Garrett County Board of Education
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Board Policy




            We believe that the major responsibility of the school is to provide the opportunity to develop each individualís intellectual capacity to its maximum. 


            We believe that the school shares with the home, the church, and other community agencies the responsibility of each individualís education.


            We believe that the school assists these institutions in developing an appreciation of our democratic heritage and fosters the perpetuation and improvement of this democratic heritage.


            We believe that education is an active, continuous process which involves the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and understandings from which arise the attitudes and values of each individual.


            We believe that the individual development cannot be separated from the physical, social, and emotional development of each individual.


            We believe that education develops the abilities to meet, to recognize and to solve problems in such a manner that the individual assumes responsibility for the self and for society as a whole.






            The mission of the Career and Technology Education Program is to prepare learners to begin careers and pursue lifelong learning through a process of career development, academic instruction, specific technical skills and work experiences in order to meet the needs of the individual as they prepare for post-secondary training and the work force in addition to meeting the economic development needs of Maryland.




            We believe that our career technology programs are a fully integrated part of our comprehensive high school education system.  These programs are available to all students who choose to participate regardless of race, gender, age, color, religious belief, national origin, or disability.


               We believe students enter career and technology courses through the elective process in the same manner as they do for other electives.


            We believe that career and technology programs should be of such quality that training will enable students to enter entry level employment and/or further education.


            We also believe that supportive services needed by students to satisfactorily complete career and technology programs should be provided, whether it be of a guidance nature, a vocational support service team to assist students who have disabilities, or some other form of support.


            We believe that career and technical education will contribute to a studentís general education and by so doing enable the student to succeed in our changing world.

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