Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 12/17/04
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Administrative Procedure

     The following chart shows time allotments in minutes per week recommended for subjects at the elementary level in Grade I through Grade 5. School administrators and faculties are expected to use these figures to establish program balance In any school, use of class time reflects both school organization and the particular needs of students.

Subject   Grades
   Language Arts
  780   680   580
Mathematics   300   300   300
Science/Health           200
    200   300  
Social Studies           200
Art, Music, &
Physical Education 
  200   200   200
Weekly Total:   1480   1480   1480

     The figures shown for art, music, and physical education reflect instruction provided by the specialists in these areas as well as additional activities which classroom teachers provide in the over-all educational program.

     Reading/Language Arts figures include reading, writing, speaking, listening, language usage, spelling, handwriting, and media.

     Although computers are a valuable component of the elementary program, there is no separate time allotment for them, since computers are integrated into the instructional program as appropriate.

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