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School Improvement Team Training

Administrative Procedures

I. Rationale

     The Garrett County Board of Education recognizes that a student's education is the joint responsibility of the school, family, and the community. The Board encourages and invites parents to participate in the education of their students through involvement in school decision making, including governance and committee work. The Board also encourages and invites community participation in the educational system through involvement in educational planning and decision making. One attempt to achieve these ideals has been the formation of locally-based School Improvement Teams whose membership may include parents, community residents, teachers, other school staff, and administrators. As with any team, all members of the School Improvement Team must understand the purpose of the team, the rules of operation, and the parameters of decision making and governance. Additionally, Team members need basic information regarding legal and systemic mandates, current issues and research in education, and other broad-ranging topics.

II. Purpose

     To affirm the Board's commitment to the development of effective School Improvement Teams by providing training for all principals.  It will be the principal's responsibility to ensure School Improvement Teams have an understanding of the process.

III. Scope

     The elements of the training may include, but shall not be limited to, the following topics:

IV. Schedule

      Training will be based on the needs of the school system.  The training session(s) will occur on an as needed basis.

V. Responsibility

     The training schedule, plan organization, and implementation shall be the responsibility of the county's Coordinator of Professional Development and Curriculum.

VI. Evaluation

                 Each training session shall be evaluated by the participants so that input/suggestions for future training can be accommodated.


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