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Last Updated: 8/1/98
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Faculty Advisory Councils

Administrative Procedure

     The Faculty Advisory Council is a body composed of representative faculty members and the principal.

Purpose of Faculty Advisory Councils

     Actual selection of advisory council membership should be guided by the following:

     The high schools, larger elementary schools, and middle schools should have elected and appointed representation from each grade level and/or department area, in the Advisory Council. Smaller elementary schools may include the entire staff on the Advisory Council. The principal will serve as a member of the Faculty Advisory Council and in case of an emergency, may appoint a designee in his/her absence. A chairperson will be selected during the first organizational meeting by the Advisory Council.

Functions of Advisory Councils

     An Advisory Council exists for the purpose of advising the principal on matters that are of concern in the operation of the school.

     Three functions are common to the Advisory Council. They include:

1. Finding the Facts

     All information necessary for the proper examination of the issue is solicited and assembled; this may be accomplished through:

2. Deriving the Conclusions

     Data collected and conclusions derived. Examples of issues are as follows:

3. Presenting the Recommendations

     Written minutes should be kept of each Faculty Advisory meeting and the necessary follow-up may be reflected in the minutes. There may be instances when the recommendations are presented in writing to the principal and he/she may need to respond in writing.


     Each Faculty Advisory Council shall meet and organize within thirty days after the beginning of each school year. the time and place of such meetings shall be determined by the principal and the chairperson of the Faculty Advisory Council. Meetings will be held once a month or when necessary.

Terms of Office

     The term of office will be for one year.

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