Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 12/13/04
Garrett County Public Schools
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Board Policy

     The Public Schools, as a result of a comprehensive study of the centralized food service program in Garrett County, creates an advisory committee (standing committee) in order to report their advice to the school board on a quarterly basis or as needed.

     The composition of the committee is to include: three parents (one each representing the elementary, middle, and high school levels), one or two registered dietitians, three persons to be appointed by the Public Schools from the staff working at the central office or school site level, one school board member, and the Food and Nutrition Services Program Manager (ex-officio). Suggestions for new members will be requested from the Board as well as the community and GCEA. The chairman of the committee will be elected in September on an annual basis.

     The function of this committee will be to advise both the Food and Nutrition Services Department and the Public Schools accordingly:

1.  To assist in implementing the goals of the "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" in all Garrett County Schools,
2.  To assist in suggesting how to most objectively measure progress toward meeting these guidelines,
3.  To ensure that food purchases are consistent with these guidelines,
4.  To encourage committee members to observe both the breakfast and lunch programs in order to monitor the above guidelines,
5.  To involve a dietitian in both menu planning and educational inservice for the staff,
6.  To serve both as a listener to complaints and issues as well as an effective public relations vehicle for the centralized Food and Nutrition Services program in Garrett
     County, and
7.  To have a member present when planning student menus.

     The Public Schools reserves the right to disband such committee should it deem this to be appropriate.

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Adopted 9/14/89
Revised 5/10/90, 8/8/95, 9/10/96, 9/9/97, 8/11/98