Student Services

Pupil Personnel Worker

Pupil Personnel Workers (PPWs) hold a unique position in the school system. Many of their activities, while directly impacting students involve working with parents, community agencies, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and other educational specialists both inside and outside the school. Their work has as its major focus working hand in hand with the home, school, and community to ensure students receive the best services and education possible. Their efforts are directed at enabling students to reach their fullest potential and become productive members of society.

Lindsey Strubin is the PPW for the below schools. She can be reached at 301.334.8915 or

  • Accident Elementary School
  • Broad Ford Elementary School
  • Crellin Elementary School
  • Friendsville Elementary School
  • Grantsville Elementary School
  • Northern High School
  • Northern Middle School
  • Route 40 Elementary School
  • Southern High School
  • Southern Middle School
  • Swan Meadow
  • Yough Glades Elementary