Student Services

Home Instruction (Home Schooling)

Written Agreement

A parent/guardian who chooses to teach a child at home must complete a Home Instruction Notification form, obtained directly from Pupil Services. This form must be completed and submitted to the Department of Pupil Services at least fifteen (15) calendar days before beginning the program. The parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the program must provide regular, thorough instruction in all subjects appropriate to the student’s grade level.


The parent/guardian must maintain a portfolio of relevant instructional plans, reading materials and sufficient examples of the child’s school work to document the use of appropriate curriculum and demonstrate student progress.


Individual home schooling programs are reviewed biannually by GCPS (January and May). It is required that the parent attend the review (student should also attend, if possible), present the student’s portfolio and verify that regular, thorough instruction of age-appropriate material is occurring. If the school work presented for review is not sufficient, a thirty (30) day instructional period may be granted for an additional review. Approved home school/umbrella programs that are registered with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) are responsible for the review of students enrolled in their program.

Standardized Testing

The parent/guardian may request on the Home Schooling Notification form that the child participate in the regularly scheduled standardized testing program at the home school. The parent must contact the GCPS Testing Office at 301-334-8931 to schedule the testing.

Noncompliance with Requirements

If a parent/guardian does not consent to the requirements of the written agreement and participate in assigned reviews, or if the child is not making sufficient academic progress, the child must be enrolled promptly in a public or nonpublic school.

Additional Information

The parent/guardian must be the primary instructor according to Maryland law and MSDE regulation.

Students receiving Home Instruction are not authorized to participate in academic instruction or activities in the public schools other than the standardized testing program.

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to obtain curriculum materials and books.

A parent may call the Special Education Office if he/she believes his/her child may be eligible for special education services. Under the requirements of Child Find, GCPS will identify, locate and evaluate those students who may be eligible for special education services.

Please contact 301-334-8926, if you have any other questions about the program.

Home Instruction Notification Form

Home Instruction Packet

MSDE - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Home Instruction in Maryland