Student Services

Transcript and Diploma Requests

Please complete the form that best suits your needs. There are two separate forms.

  • To request a copy of your high school diploma, please follow the diploma instructions below.
  • To request your transcript, please follow the transcript instructions below.
Note: If you require both a transcript and diploma, you will need to complete both forms.

Transcripts: please click on the school that you graduated or withdrew from to complete your request for transcripts.

Southern Garrett High School

Northern Garrett High School


Diplomas: please complete the form below to request a copy of your diploma.

**Please note: Some copies of diplomas may not be available. This depends on the year of graduation, based on the number of years since graduation.

Copies of diplomas are available after 2 business days. They can be picked up at Garrett County Public Schools, 40 S Second Street, Oakland, MD 21550 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday - Friday.
NOTE: To prevent fraud, you must submit this form by 5:00 am.