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School Supplies Donated

Last Updated on Sep 17, 2020 at 2:59pm | Public Information Office

Garrett County Public Schools would like to thank Lynn and Carol Newman of Newman Funeral Homes, P.A. for showing their support and giving back to our community by providing school supplies for all elementary school students enrolled with Garrett County Public Schools. Providing the vision for this project, Rich Mattingly, Supervisor, and Rhonda Sisler, Secretary of the Newman Funeral Homes, P.A., worked diligently to secure 1,800 school supply packets to be handed out. Each pack included 31 items. School supply packets were delivered to Accident, Friendsville, Grantsville, Route 40, Broad Ford, Crellin, Swan Meadow, and Yough Glades Elementary Schools. GCPS thanks Lynn and Carol and all those who volunteered to help make this a success.
Newman Funeral Home packed supplies for schools.
Pictured: Lynn Newman, owner of Newman Funeral Homes, P.A. and Rich Mattingly, Supervisor, preparing the boxes for delivery to the elementary schools in Garrett County.
School supplies donated to Broad Ford Elementary School.
Pictured: Lynn Newman presenting kits to Dawna Ashby, Principal of Broad Ford Elementary School.
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