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Garrett County Schools Annual Envirothon Held at 4-H Education Center

Last Updated on Apr 29, 2019 at 3:51pm | Public Information Office

The Garrett County Envirothon competition was held on April 24th at the Maryland 4-H Environmental Education Center in Swanton, during which teams and their teachers/coaches from Northern and Southern High Schools competed for points in a variety of conservation challenges.
The annual event is a full day of competition, preceded by a full day of training earlier in the month at the Hickory Environmental Education Center near Accident. It is a problem solving, hands-on natural resources competition, with the objectives of promoting a deeper knowledge of how individuals and groups impact the environment by understanding environmental interactions and interdependence; being aware of current environmental issues, agencies, and resources which assist in resource-protection and conservation practices; and raising environmental awareness.
Resource trainers from area agencies provided volunteer training and mentoring throughout the year for students, and provided the training and testing days in April. The five categories of competition are traditionally: wildlife, aquatics, forestry, soils, and a special fifth issue that is selected each year.
Resource personnel who assisted with this year’s training and competition were: Kenny Wampler, Jody Johnson, and Alan Klotz for aquatics; Jessica Aronhalt, Carrie Colebank, Chad Bucklew, Chuck Hayes, Daniel Kirby, and Chris Herbert for soils; Robert Harvey and Clarissa Harris for wildlife; Tim Cole, Melissa Nash, Patrick Gates, Mike Minnick, and Will Williams for forestry; and Ann Sherrard and Willie Lantz for the 5th Issue (Pasture/Rangeland Management).
The coaches this year were Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler (Northern High) and Erin Coffman (Southern High). Special assistance was provided by Sharon Hoover, Daymond Schmuck, and Jason Shank of the Hickory Environmental Education Center; Ryan Wolf, Paul Edwards, and Kristi Winters of Garrett County Public Schools Secondary Education; and Ann Sherrard, Mike Brady, and staff of the 4-H Center.
Competitors from Southern High and Northern High were divided into three teams each as follows:
  • Northern Lights 1 - Chyanne Gardner, Jaclyn Jacobs, Levi Kennell, Nick Opel, and Carder Stakem
  • Northern Lights 2 - James Dean, Lauren Jacobs, Dylan McCann, Summer Shaper, and Ella Warnick
  • Northern Lights 3 - Gabby Blamble, Lindsay Brewer, Tori Fike, Taylor Kelly, and Wyatt Orner
  • Southern Stoneflies 1 - Aaron Graham, Zhou Dong, Jalen Beeman, Alex Schofield, Kyus Spencer
  • Southern Stoneflies 2 - Kerri Kordyban, Lillia Rose, Noah Beakes, John Trembly, Mediah Ault
  • Southern Stoneflies 3 - Bryce Richter, Rachael Tichinel, Sophie Bishoff, Emma Horner
Recognition is given to teams placing in the top three spots in each category, with prizes going to the first place winners in each. Category winners this year were as follows:
  • Aquatics – Southern Stoneflies 1,
  • Forestry – Northern Lights 2,
  • Soils – Northern Lights 2,
  • Wildlife – Southern Stoneflies 1,
  • 5th Issue (Knowledge and Technology to Feed the World) – Southern Stoneflies 1.
Northern Lights 2 was the overall winner of the competition. They will continue to train and prepare for the Maryland State Envirothon competition, which will be held on June 19th at St. Mary’s College.
The Envirothon began in 1979 in Pennsylvania, with the first national competition in 1988.
For more information about Garrett County Envirothon teams and competitions, persons may contact Ryan Wolf at
Northern Lights 2 Environthon winning team.
Garrett County Envirothon Winners 2019 - Northern Lights 2
Left to Right: Summer Shaper, Lauren Jacobs, James Dean, Dylan McCann, and Ella Warnick
Southern Stoneflies 1 Runner up team in the Envirothon.
Garrett County Envirothon Runner Up 2019 - Southern Stoneflies 1
Left to Right: Jalen Beeman, Kyus Spencer, Aaron Graham, Zhou Dong, Alex Schofield, and Alan Klotz (Fisheries)
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