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GaCo FTC teams - Qualification Tournament

Last Updated on Feb 7, 2017 at 10:35am | Public Information Office

The four "GaCo" FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) teams (2 from Northern Middle, 1 from Southern Middle, and 1 from Southern High) did extremely well on February 4th at the qualification event held at Parkdale High School in Prince George’s County.

Thirty-five teams (mostly high school teams except the 3 from Garrett County and one other) competed for 8 spots for the Maryland State FTC Championship to be held this Sunday, February 12, at Mt. Saint Mary's College in Emmitsburg. All four "GaCo" teams qualified.

After 58 qualification matches, the Northern Middle Team #9445 (GaCo North, Blue), comprised of 3 eighth grade and 4 seventh grade students, was ranked third among all the teams competing. The top four ranked teams were able to pick two teams in which to form an alliance to compete in double elimination matches to determine a winner.

Team #9445 picked Southern High’s and Southern Middle's team to form the 3rd seeded alliance. The fourth ranked team picked the other Northern Middle Team #12118 (GaCo North - Gold) as part of its alliance. Both the third and fourth ranked alliances advanced to the finals. So in the final matches, it was the alliance composed of three GaCo teams competing against an alliance of two high school teams and the remaining Northern Middle team.

Team 9445's alliance, consisting of the three GaCo teams, won the finals, and as a result, qualified for the state championship. Also, the other Northern Middle Team #12118, on the merit of being selected by the finalist alliance, qualified for the state championship.

The Southern Middle School team is coached by Andrew Sauder and assisted by Jamie Beeman. The Southern High School team is coached by Lindsay Krisher and Zach Trautwein. The two Northern Middle School teams are mentored by Jeremy Perando and Chuck Trautwein.

Needless to say, the four teams made their schools, coaches, parents, and Garrett County very proud. It's an amazing story of tenacity and grit on the part of these students that they will never forget.
Four "GaCo" FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) teams from Garrett County.
Left to right, front to back:
Southern High School (Black) - Roger Dixon, Atlee Wise, John Pelland, Mariah Bolden

Northern Middle School (Blue - Team #9445) - Owen Sealy, Jasmine Beitzel, Jacob Green, Jeremy Perando, Matthew Hoover, Derek Skidmore, Not Pictured: Chase Bender and Chase Taylor

Southern Middle School (Red) - Reece Reckart, Serena Lewis, Jalen Beeman, Eunae Rodeheaver

Northern Middle School (Yellow - Team #12118) - Caleb Frazee, Hayden Medlin, Evan Shadel, Logan Mason
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